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New Philips Hue White Ambience at Vesternet

Posted on by Mark

This week Philips released a new range of White Hue LEDs. They've not made much noise about it, but I think they're pretty cool. The cool thing is that you can change their white colour from warm to cool - making them perfect for any place in the home.

We have first stock available on the new Philips Hue White Ambience.

Hue White Ambience - What's the difference?

Philips already have a Hue White range of LEDs, in fact these are one of the most popular products we have from Philips. They are a perfect way to wirelessly control existing lights or lamps. So what's the new range?

The existing white range is fixed at a warm white (2800K if we want to be technical). This makes sense as most people want a warm white light in the lounge, dinning room etc. But in some places, like the kitchen or bathroom, a cooler white would be good - something in the range of 4000-6000K. And that's where the Hue White Ambience comes in.

The White Ambience can have their colour changed wirelessly from the app (or home automation system) between 2200K (very warm) to 6500K (very cool). This is as well as the usual Hue goodness of wireless control of brightness, nice bright 800 Lumen output and are available in Bayonet and Screw fittings.

Why would you want this?

There's actually many uses for this, from the very practical to the very cool (sorry).

  • Tune the colour - not everyone wants the warm white everywhere in the house. The Hue White Ambience allows you to tune the colour for the room. In the lounge you may like the warm (2800K) temp for general lighting or even mood lighting. In the kitchen you may prefer a cooler 'task' lighting at say 5000K.
  • Tuning with moods - as these can be wirelessly changed it's not like buying a warm or cool LED and being stuck with it. You may prefer the warm white in the lounge most of the time, but if you're reading a book, you may prefer it to be cooler as it's easier on your eyes. You can do that with a quick tap of the app - or even have a preset mood for reading.
  • Wake up to the Sun - you could have a wake up mood that turns the light on at a very warm white, just like a sunrise and slowly changed to a normal warm as you're up and about. Nice way to wake up to the day.
  • Cosy by the fire - in the winter make the lounge lights as warm as possible to give you a cosy feeling through the winter gloom, even better if you have a log burning stove!
  • Endless - as with all the Hue LEDs, the variations and ideas are endless.


We have the new Hue White Ambience Starter Kit in stock now, and the individual LEDs will be with us end of next week. The Starter kit is a great bargain - it has two Hue White Ambience LEDs, the Hue Bridge and the Hue Dimmer Switch, all for £99.99!

The new White Ambience makes a nice addition to the complete Hue range that already covers multi-colour LEDs (RGBW), white LEDs, light-strips and wall switches/dimmers. Regular readers will know we love Philips Hue - the products are great and they can be easily integrated with other systems such as Z-Wave. Since launching it we've created quite a few guides showing how to use it with other systems and how to expand the capabilities of the Hue Switches. Be sure to checkout our Philips Hue guides section.

See you soon.


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