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Evohome Heating Kit (Thermostat + 4 Valves + Hot Water Kit)




1 x Evohome wifi Connected Thermostat Pack   +£249.00
1 x Honeywell Evohome Radiator Multi Zone Kit   +£239.00
1 x Honeywell Evohome Hot Water Kit   +£97.40

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New evohome Controller with integrated Wi-Fi Access

This is the new 3rd generation evohome controller with integrated Wi-Fi module. No need to buy the additional evohome Mobile access Kit.

The evohome Wi-Fi Connected Thermostat Pack consists of an evohome controller, power lead and stand plus a wireless relay box. The kit is all you need to start controlling your boiler heating system wirelessly. The integrated Wi-Fi access allows you to control your heating from your phone or tablet, and the Radiator Controllers to allow control of multiple zones.

evohome Controller

evohome controller gen3 - ATC928G3000

The multi-zone evohome controller controls the time and temperature of up to 12 heating zones plus a domestic hot water supply if required. Each zone has independent time and temperature control.

Multi-Zone Control

  • Wireless control of up to 12 zones, with an unlimited number of radiators
  • A number of radiators can be grouped together as a zone
  • Controller can act as local thermostat on it's own
  • Simple Touch panel control of your heating

Leaning and Optimisation

  • In-built optimisation features such as 'delayed start' and 'optimum stop', allow evohome to intelligently optimise start and stop times. A learning TPI algorithm ensures each zone adapts to the weather and the seasons.
  • Quick Actions
    • Day Off mode changes the schedule for all the zones to a pre-set day (change a week day to a weekend)
    • The Heating Off button will turn all the zones off unless the frost protection temperature level is reached

Simple Touch Panel Control

  • Wizard based set-up and configuration - simple set-up no matter how many zones you have
  • Mains powered with rechargeable batteries (last up to 30 mins)
  • Choice of idle screens, analogue or digital clock displays and a choice of day or night mode increases the aesthetic properties of the most visible part of the evohome system.
  • Interchangeable surrounds (white, silver and black) available as an optional extra

Wi-Fi Access

  • Integrated Wi-Fi - connects direct to your Wi-Fi Router

evohome Wireless Relay

The remote relay is wired into either a motorised zone valve or the boiler and provides the wireless interface between these devices and the evohome system.

The relay box requires a permanent 230V AC supply.

evohome wireless relay

evohome Radiator Controller

The Honeywell evohome radiator controller (HR92) allows you to control individual radiators or zones within the evohome system. You can easily create multi-zoned control of your heating system allowing more convenience and saving money. The evohome radiator controller simply replaces your existing TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) head. The evohome radiator controllers should be used with a evohome controller.

Attractively designed

  • Slim, ergonomically-designed radiator controllers will fit most standard TRV bodies. They are battery powered with a two-year battery life and a battery-low reminder visible on the radiator controller and the evohome controller screens.
  • The flip-up screen is backlit and can be positioned so that it can be easily viewed or folded away flat.

Full of features

  • The backlit LCD screen displays the zone name and local set point temperature. The local set point temperature can easily be overridden by turning the dial at the top of the radiator controller. Override temperatures can be set in half degree increments and are effective until the next scheduled temperature change.
  • Open window feature recognises a sudden temperature drop and shuts off the local radiator.
  • Zone temperature changes made either at the evohome controller's screen or via the remote app will change in real-time on the radiator controller's screen.

Simple to install

  • No additional zone valves required - with existing TRV bodies already in place there is no need to drain down the system and they will fit on most compact radiators.
  • They are easily bound into the system using the guided configuration feature in the evohome controller; binding confirmation is displayed on the screen.

evohome Hot Water Kit

Control your hot water via the evohome controller screen by installing an externally- mounted wireless cylinder thermostat onto the hot water cylinder - Sensors are provided for vented and unvented cylinders.

Honeywell's externally-mounted wireless cylinder thermostat is a combination of a temperature sensor that is mounted against the metal of the hot water cylinder and a wireless battery powered transceiver that communicates the water temperature to the evohome controller.

The Hot Water kit consists of a wireless cylinder thermostat, transceiver, optional unvented cylinder insertion sensor and an additional wireless relay for control of the hot water zone valve.

evohome multi-zone heating

evohome is a sophisticated heating system that allows you to easily create and individually control up to 12 heating zones as well as controlling your hot water.

evohome is the perfect system for multi-zone heating control.

  • Zones - Control of up to 12 zones (unlimited number of radiators)
  • Touch screen Control - simple, convenient wireless control of your entire home's heating
  • Remote access - control your heating from a smartphone or tablet
  • Quick Actions - Day off, All off, holiday modes...
  • Simple Installation - Wireless Radiator Controllers screw on to your existing valves without draining down or disturbing pipes or decor
Honeywell evohome brochure

Technical Details

evohome Controller (Generation 3)

  • Integrated Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Power: 230V AC
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable AA 1.2V NiMH 2,400mAh
  • Temperature Settings: 30°C to 85°C
  • RF Frequency: ISM (868 - 870MHz)
  • Range: 30m in residential building
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 139 x 101 x 21mm

Wireless Relay

  • Power: 230V AC
  • Switch rating: 24V to 240V, 5A resistive, 3A inductive
  • Switch type: SPDT relay
  • RF Frequency: ISM (868 - 870MHz)
  • Range: 30m in residential building
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 92 x 90 x 32mm

Radiator Controllers

  • Power: 2x AA alkaline batteries (included)
  • Temperature Settings: 5°C to 30°C
  • Display: Backlit LCD
  • Humidity: 10 to 90%
  • RF Frequency: ISM (868 - 870MHz)
  • Range: 30m in residential building
  • Mechanical: Fits most M30x1.5 radiator valves

Hot Water Kit: Wireless Cylinder Thermostat

  • Power: 2x AA alkaline batteries (included)
  • Temperature Settings: 30°C to 85°C
  • RF Frequency: ISM (868 - 870MHz)
  • Range: 30m in residential building

Kit Contents

  • 1x evohome Touchscreen Controller
  • 1x Wireless Relay
  • 1x Desk Stand with UK power cable
  • 2x rechargeable batteries (for controller)
  • 4x Radiator Controllers
  • 1x Hot Water Kit
  • 1x evohome Installation Guide
  • 1x evohome User Guide
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A good system
The plastic parts and seals on my 30 year old Potterton TRVs had gone brittle, were cracking and some falling apart and leaking. The time to replace coincided with the availability of these new wireless controlled systems. Compatibility: although the supplied adapter was a neat fit on the old valve bases, the operating pins were far too far apart for the new motorised valve head to work. I therefore had to drawdown my entire CH system and replace the 15mm x ½ inch angled valve bases. I needed to also replace the short horizontal 1/2inch threaded connecting pipe at the base of each radiator. The Honeywell bases don't come with those. Believe it or not, I found the cheapest readily available solution (£10 each) was to buy Drayton RT212 angles valve and discard the sensor heads. The valve bases are compatible with the new Honeywell heads. You need the right tool to remove the old stub connecting pipes and a thread sealant. In my case everything then went fine. Wiring up the hot water kit just required care, but I've had no problems (I have separate motorised actuator valves on the hot water and the heating circuits, and opening either, or both, provides the power to the pump and the boiler). My biggest initial problem was finding the Installation Menu on the Controller ! You have to press and hold the Settings button for 5 secs. That vital piece of info could be made clearer in the instructions. After that, binding everything was straightforward, as were all the other aspects of setting up the system and scheduling temperature changes for each room (zone). I still do get some intermittent comms failures reported for the Hot Water sensor, HW valve and Boiler Relay (which refers to the CH Valve). All these devices have to be in the airing cupboard along with the existing pump, circuit actuator valves and the hot water storage tank. I think these problems also relate to the location of the controller downstairs in the lounge. More experimentation required. I have also bought a couple of separate wall thermostats of two bedrooms where the bad are close alongside the radiator and the radiator valves are in a small air pocket between the wall and the beds `and thus not sensing the room temperature. Again simple to add and use. A subtle point, thermostats screwed to a wall are slow to react to scheduled or requested temperature changes, due to the higher thermal mass of the wall. The radiator valves are either fully on or fully off (unlike the old TRVs). That means the radiators and local pipework are either cool or hot. That means we get expansion noise when the valves open and a slug of cool water from the radiator is then pumped around the system to the boiler (where its thermostat turns on the boiler), but is not instantly re-heated, so has to be cycled around the open radiator valves generating more expansion/contraction noises. We are also getting gurgling noses as I have not yet manage to bleed all the air out of the re-filled CH system. Adjusting the system to minimise boiler cycling and plumbing noise (only really an issue in the night`) requires some trial and error to optimise. We continue to tweak the room schedules. A consequence of a zoned system is you generally need to keep room doors shut and my wife is always complaining that the hall is cold ! (a zone I have deliberately set to be cooler as we on briefly "visit" that zone). I am sure we will get the settings set to suit us all in the long run, but only time will prove if we make any savings on our heating bills. Nonetheless, the overall control, the system offers (including etc smartphone app) is brilliant and I can see many potential benefits over our old timeswitch controller, even if all our rads had TRVs. Even our teenage children like the system, as it gives them personal control of the temperature in their rooms.
12 Nov 2016
1 year ago
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