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HomeSeer HS3 Home Automation Software

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HomeSeer HS3 Home Automation Software


HS3 is an advanced home automation sofware program with support for Z-Wave and many other protocols. It is designed to control lighting, thermostats, door locks, audio / video equipment, cameras, garage doors, water valves, energy monitors and much more.

Home owners can access HS3 at home or via the cloud with just about any smartphone, tablet or table-top touchscreen.

With HomeSeer, your intelligence stays at home, ensuring better security and reliability.


Main Features

  • Control Your Home Remotely with No monthly Fees
  • Includes FREE apps for Apple and Android Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • Controls Lighting, Thermostats, Door Locks, Security Systems and More
  • Includes Voice Control and Voice Programming
  • Compatible with Z-Wave, X10, Insteon and most other popular protocols


HS3Touch Server

HS3Touch is a touchscreen and mobile app system for HS3. HS3Touch is designed to work with all Apple and Android mobile devices; the client app is also available as a free download in the Apple app store and Google Play store. Clients are also freely available for Windows, Windows CE and Linux devices. HS3Touch Server may be used with HS3Touch Designer to fully customize the user interface.


All New Event Creation System

Event creation is now faster and simpler than ever. HS3 uses full boolean logic and a much simplified workflow, coupled with better event organization. HS3 supports unlimited event groups with unlimited events in each. Group conditions and group actions make event creation even more powerful. If you can imagine it, you can create it with HS3!


All New Event Grouping Feature

Events may now be organized into groups, such as "Manage Lighting" or "Control My Thermostats". Each event can have it's own conditions and actions and each group can also have group conditions and group actions. With HS3, you can quickly and easily alter the behavior of any or all events within a group by change just one group condition or group action!


Multi-Device Grouping

With HS3, users now have the flexibility to display multiple devices together in a group for easier management. The group feature may be toggled on or off to allow for easy sorting and filtering in the device management screen.


Support for Multiple Z-Wave Networks

HS3 Z-Wave support is scalable for use with multiple Z-Wave networks. Home users with large homes, multiple homes, detached garages, barns or other structures can take advantage of HS3's multi-network support. Multi-network support is also ideal for central management of apartments, condos or motels. With HS3, there's no limit to the number of Z-Wave devices you can control!


All New Multiple Instance Plug-in Support

HS3 supports multiple instances of plug-ins for better performance and improved flexibility. Users with multiple interfaces (X10, Infrared Controllers, etc) will appreciate this feature most. With multiple instance support, there is no limit to the number of interfaces that can be supported and, as a result, no limit to the number of devices that can be supported!


Fully Searchable and Filterable Log

The log in HS3 is now searchable and filterable for fast and easy searches. Users can search by text string, log entry type, date range, time range, priority and error code type. Log entries are recorded to a database now and the maximum log file size is user-definable. The view may be cleared or reset to the beginning of the current use cycle with the touch of a button!

Technical Details

What's included

  • HS3 Software License Codes
  • HS3Touch Server Software
  • HomeSeer Z-Wave Plug-in License Codes
  • HomeSeer HSInsteon Plug-in License Codes


  • Program Installation: PC running Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Configuration: Desktop or Mobile Device running Chrome, Firefox or Safari Web Browser
3.00 / 5.0
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never worked. A waste of the hour I put into downloading and installing onto a spare SD card. Glad it's reusable.
26 Oct 2017
Unlike the previous review (whose write up helped direct me to HomeSeer) I am a brand new user of this software. I've been using a different controller for the last 2 years and much of that has been an uphill struggle with poor documentation and poor and erratic firmware releases. I decided to start 'small' with HomeSeer so I' am using the standard HS3 software running on a Raspberry Pi3. Installation on the Pi was straightforward and, so far, it has been rock solid. It took me around a day to re-pair all my devices to HomeSeer. This was not entirely painless but HS have an android app to support this process and this was a great help. The real joy was that HS correctly recognised and set up the full capabilities of my, mostly, Fibaro devices including binary sensors. The web based interface is easy to use, there is a 408 page user guide and a very active and helpful user forum. I am currently delving into the scripting capability and this too is well laid out and easy to use. There is plenty of scope to add more sophisticated control via , for example, vb code and a huge library of plugins. Many of the plugins are not free and costs around $30-$40 and in truth of the ones I have tried out (they are generally offered on a 30day trial) they don't work any better than the generally free ones available with other controllers. I am glad that I switched to HomeSeer, it appears to have real depth of support and genuine compatibility at least with the ZWave products I use. Most of all though - it just works!
25 Nov 2016
20 years and counting
That's how long I've been using HomeSeer. Didn't buy from Vesternet (sorry) but the flexibility is unparalleled. As a developer I've written plugins for it that allow me to control it from my TV (and in turn it can control my TV's) these are available for free from me ( Wrote a simple Android app that allows me to control it from the mobile - install the plug-in (copy it!) set the IP address and port and away it goes. Why do I bother since as the review says it is a bit dated? Because nothing else comes close. Simple VB.NET scripting allows you to do anything and the community are generally helpful too. HomesSeer controls my Sannce CCTV cameras and IP ones too. MediaPortal is my media s/w of choice (I pay for this even though it is free) for the same reason. An interface to a weather station took a little while to create but now I use the wonderful Cumulus so that took - oooh, two days to work out. HomeSeer can turn on my TV (in fact it HAS to, the Android AnyMote app can't seem to do I. But that's OK because this can also drive HomeSeer (same IP plugin as MP uses). Do I sound keen, yup. I come in and turn off the security from my mobile while in the car, it speaks to tell me it has done it and when I enter the house it greets me using a random phrase (Japanese is fun). If I'm out and it notices movement then a head pops up on a monitor and tells the intruder they are being filmed. It wakes me up (MP is my radio alarm clock) and copes with BST/GMT automatically and turns on the teapot. If I'm out and the room is too bright it closes the blinds. I've looked at Fibaro (I use those in HS too of course) but learning Lua? And can it do the complicated things I want? No, I'll stick. Did I say it was flexible?
17 Jun 2016
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