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LightwaveRF 1-Gang Dimmer


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These stylish single (1-Gang) dimmer switches look and operate just like any other standard wall switch/dimmer as well as being controlled by any LightwaveRF Home Automation Remote Handset or Controller.

The dimmers are suitable for one or two-way operation and are installed in the same way as any standard light fitting using only a screwdriver. No extra wiring or cables are required and the dimmers fit into a standard 35mm back box. Note: A LightwaveRF 2-Way (Slave) is also required to be used for two-way operation.

If you add a LightwaveRF Link controller to your network, you will be able to control these dimmers (and all devices) from anywhere in the world from your PC or Smartphone.

Available in four finishes - Chrome, Stainless Steel and White.

LightwaveRF 400 Series Dimmers

This dimmer is part of the LightwaveRF 400 series. The 400 series has been tuned to work with dimmable LEDs, especially the Megaman Professional Series LEDs.

Megaman Professional Series LEDs are recommended to be used with LightwaveRF Dimmers

Technical Details

  • LightwaveRF: 433.92MHz
  • Operation: 1-Gang dimmer (master)
  • Power: 220 - 240V, 50Hz
  • Maximum load: 250W
  • Light bulbs supported:
    • incandescent - 250W max
    • LED (Dimmable - 15W (min), 100W (max)
    • Dimmable Electronic Low Voltage Transformers
    • GU10 and equivalent Hi spot mains halogen bulbs
    • Not compatible with CFL (energy saving) bulbs, including dimmable CFR, any type of fluorescent or non-dimmable LEDs
    • Not compatible with Wirewound transformers and electric motors
  • Fitting: UK Standard 1 gang 35mm (min.) back box
  • Wiring: Standard 2-wire system (no neutral required)
  • Manual switch (On/Off & Up/Down)
  • LED: Amber (Off) and Blue (On)
  • Dimensions (LxHxD): 88 x 88 x 22mm
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Happy with my purhase
I am a massive home automation enthusiast. I have replaced all but one of my ground floor light switches with these, and plan to replace all the first floor switches with more of the same in the near future. I chose them because installation is extremely simple (they directly replace existing wall switches using the existing mains wiring), I was planning to invest in some LightwaveRF relays (and wanted to keep the number of different proprietary technologies in my home to a minimum) and they're cheaper than the alternatives. For the more advanced among you, you might like to invest in an RFXtrx433E USB transceiver, which would allow you to use a PC/Raspberry Pi instead, running EventGhost, Domoticz or similar home automation software. It is important to note that, as well as there being different colour options, there are also three completely different types of LightwaveRF wall switch that all look the same: The dimmer, the slave and the wireless switch. If you have a light fitting controlled by a single switch that you want to be able to control via other LightwaveRF products (including the link), you need a dimmer. If you have a single light fitting controlled by two separate switches (i.e. a 2-way configuration/landing light), you need a dimmer and a slave. The wireless switch is basically just a remote control for whatever LightwaveRF device you pair it with. You could slap one on the wall in a different location, paired with a dimmer, to provide a 'sort of' two way configuration if you wanted to. It is also important to note that LightwaveRF dimmers only receive signals from the link/wireless switches/remotes. They do not send. The LightwaveRF app will therefore not give you any indication of the status of the dimmers. The link cannot 'query' the status of the lights, unlike Philips Hue. A word of warning: I had to replace one of my dimmers, which was wired in to the light fitting nearest the kitchen. In the kitchen, I had an old fluorescent tube. When I flicked off the fluorescent tube, the ballast discharged and sent a voltage/current spike through the lighting ring to the next nearest switch, which happened to be the LightwaveRF dimmer. Apparently this was enough to fry it. I didn't realise this was the cause at first, so just swapped it over. Then the same thing happened to the replacement. I did some reading and found that the fluorescent tube in the kitchen was the likely culprit. I have since replaced the tube with a 6 x GU10 LED light fixture and another LightwaveRF dimmer and have not had any more problems. I read that you can protect yourself against this by fitting something called a 'snubber'/contact suppressor between the live/switched live poles on the normal lightswitch that's attached to the fluorescent tube. I do still have a fluorescent tube and a normal light switch in my garage, so I bought one and installed it in the aforementioned manner, just in case. This leads me neatly on to the subject of dimming. LEDs and CFL bulbs (energy savers) don't like being dimmed. There are many LEDs and CFLs that are advertised as being dimmable, but you will likely experience one of the following: The bulbs will hum, or they will only dim down as far as about 75% brightness until you get all the way down to the lowest output level on the dimmer switch, at which point they will just turn off. I bought LED GU10 bulbs for the new kitchen light fixture and experienced both problems. I couldn't use ordinary filament/halogen bulbs, as the combined wattage of all six bulbs exceeded the 250w rating of the dimmer, so I went for LED. I did some more reading and found that (surprise, surprise), the LED bulbs made by Megaman (same company as LightwaveRF) gave much better results. I can tell you that this is indeed the case. Before I bought these dimmers, I had already invested in an array of other home automation products from various manufacturers, each with their own proprietary standards. It is indeed possible to integrate these dimmers into an existing home automation setup and make everything work together harmoniously, but it does require some know-how (and either a PC, Raspberry Pi or an Android phone). Happy to provide more advice to anyone who needs it. One last thing - be aware that the back boxes that are sunk into your internal walls/stud work (the things your existing light switches are screwed to) may not be deep enough to accommodate the electronic component housing on the rear of these dimmers that you need to insert into that space, along with the wiring itself. You may need to purchase some back box spacers. Unfortunately this means the dimmer won't be flush with the wall, but you won't find a more slimline solution and it may be very difficult to replace your existing back boxes or somehow sink them further into the wall.
28 Oct 2016
Works perfectly
use it with a Vera Lite and RFX connector and it's works spot on. things to point out is that sometimes if you use it manually and the Vera is busy or low signal then the state can be incorrect. the other is the depth of the device, it's 100% better than cramming in a Fibaro device ad it doesn't hum or get warm like them either. I'm very Pro these devices and will be replacing a lot of switches in my house with them.
4 Feb 2016
Work pretty well
I have four of these in my house along with a range of other Lightwaverf kit which I have bought to replace my old X10 home automation system. So far it has performed very well and I drive both incandescents and LED lights from them (on different circuits). The software has, up until now let this system down but they have just launched a new iPhone app and the new Web portal will apparently be available by Christmas - which is very heartening.
23 Nov 2015
Light wave rf dimmers
bought a couple of light wave rf dimmers and the link unit. One of the dimmers broke within 5 mins and the link unit would recognise the dimmers, very disappointed in these products. BUT Vesternet issued a refund without any hassle and very quickly
6 Oct 2015
Not Used
I bought a LightwaveRF 1-Gang Dimmer and a LightwaveRF 2-Gang Dimmer but chose not to use them. I used Fibaro Dimmers, instead.
13 Jun 2015
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Does it support two way communication, like sending its status to controller?
Guest Visitor 20 May 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, this is a LightwaveRF device. LightwaveRF does not support status updates, the dimmers are purely receivers and do not translit any signals. This is one of the main differences between LightwaveRF and systems such as Z-Wave. These guides may help you further. Choosing between LightwaveRF and Z-Wave - ?? Vesternet Lighting Guide -
can I use the lightwave RF switch just to turn on and off non dimmable mains LED lighting ?
Guest Visitor 4 Feb 2016
BEST ANSWER: It's not recommended as this is a dimmer and not an on/off switch. If you take a look at the 'Technical' tab you will see the types of lamp we suggest being used with the LightwaveRF Dimmers.

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