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LightwaveRF Application Notes

LightwaveRF Logo LightwaveRF is a new wireless home automation technology designed in the spirit of the old generation X10. As an affordable alternative to Z-Wave, its components are stylishly designed and ideal for retrofitting into any home. LightwaveRF is proving to be hugely popular with smart home enthusiasts.

2-way Lighting Using LightwaveRF Dimmers

Application note shows how to install a LightwaveRF Dimmer and Slave Dimmer into a 2-Way lighting circuit.

2-Way Lighting using LightwaveRF Wireless Dimmers

Shows how to use LightwaveRF Wireless wall switches for 2-way lighting systems.

Configuring VERA to work with the RFXtrx433 USB Transceiver

This application note and video show how the RFXtrx433 transceiver can be easily added to the VERA Z-Wave controller, enabling it to control 433MHz-base devices such as LightwaveRF.

Adding LightwaveRF Devices to VERA with the RFXtrx433 USB Transceiver

This guide shows how to add LightwaveRF devices to a VERA controller that has a RFXtrx433 USB module installed.



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