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Popular Brands

Vesternet brings reliable and affordable home automation solutions from over 60+ popular and hand-picked brands. You can browse through a wide category of Z-Wave and LightwaveRF empowered connected home devices that are designed by the world’s leading home automation brands.

  • Aeotec

    Aeotec is a leading creator of elegantly intelligent home automation devices. Browse the range of Aeon smart home devices on Vesternet.

  • Athom

    Athom Homey connects all your devices at home, leveraging 8 wireless technologies, and combines them into a single, easy to use, open platform.

  • BeNext

    BeNext specializes in creating responsible, independent and innovative home automation systems.

  • Blustream

    BlueStream is a passionate brand manufacturing a wide range of HDBaseT and HDMI products. Browse the innovative product range at Vesternet.

  • Bosch

    The Bosch Group’s products and services are designed to improve the quality of life by providing solutions which are both innovative and beneficial.

  • D-Link

    D-link is a global leader in designing, developing and manufacturing scalable networking solutions.

  • Dallas

    Dallas brings together key analog functions to develop smart, compact and wireless temperature monitoring sensors.

  • Danfoss

    Danfoss has industry expertise in developing pressure and temperature control sensors.

  • Devolo

    Devolo is the European market leader today for Powerline communication solutions.

  • Domitech

    Domitech specializes in designing and manufacturing smart LED bulbs that can be installed easily and controlled remotely from any Internet connected device.

  • Doorbird

    With DoorBird you never miss a visitor. You are at home even when you are far away. DoorBird is made in Germany and offers the highest quality and safety standards for its customers

  • Duracell

    Duracell Inc. is an American company that produces batteries and smart power systems.

  • Duwi

    Duwi specializes in designing reliable and affordable Z-Wave powered devices like switches, remote controls, dimmers, and wall controllers.

  • Eurotronic

    Eurotronic specializes in developing, designing and producing user-friendly home automation solutions.

  • Everspring

    Everspring provides an extensive range of Home Automation Systems and Home Security Systems that secure your home and notify you in case of intrusion.

  • Eutonomy

    At Eutonomy they bring together the worlds of software, electronic and mechanical hardware design and manufacturing to make your home & office environments more friendly, personal and harmonized with your needs.


  • Fibaro

    Fibaro develops intelligent, customizable, and secure home automation solutions that allow to you control everything from bedroom to boardroom.

  • FortrezZ

    FortrezZ designs and engineers smart, integrated and innovative home automation and security systems for home and businesses.

  • Foscam

    Foscam is a leading manufacturer of high quality IP network cameras that provide real-time remote monitoring of your home through Internet connected devices.

  • iTach

    Global Cache is focused on open systems and has developed award-winning products that provide efficient, economical and configurable automation capabilities.

  • GreenIQ

    GreenIQ extends the concept of smart home by developing an innovative Smart Garden Hub system that conserves up to 50% water and optimizes energy costs.

  • Greenwave

    Greenwave systems is a global leader in developing connected home systems and leverages the power of disruptive technology to make the right connections.

  • GrillEye

    GrillEye® continuously monitors your grill or smoker and lets you know when food is ready by sending a message to your smartphone.

  • Hank

    Hank specializes in Smart Home devices, based on Z-Wave and HomeKit, Connectivity Accessories such as HDMI cables and devices, Mobile Accessories, USB chargers, cables and converters and more.

  • Heatit

    Heatit has developed an innovative thermostat that communicates through Z-Wave technology to intelligently control electric floor heating.

  • Heaven Fresh

  • HomeSeer

    HomeSeer is one of the top rated home automation systems. With its wide array of devices, HomeSeer takes the concept of smart home to another level.

  • Honeywell

    HoneyWell is a global technology leader in developing smart home solutions that provide comfort and convenience by putting you in control.

  • Humax

    HUMAX is a leading gateway developer dedicated to providing better content delivery systems for the consumers through continuous research, development and innovations.

  • Indigo

    Indigo Domotics develops software interfaces to connect, integrate and control hundreds of smart home devices installed in your home.

  • Innr

    Innr brings a beautiful, smart and energy efficient LED-lighting to your homes, based on ZigBee LinkLight technology to control your lights remotely.

  • Insteon

  • LightwaveRF

    LightwaveRF products span across a wide range of categories from lighting, power, heating, energy sensing to advanced security modules.

  • Logitech

  • MCO

    MCO Home develops smart thermostats, air quality monitors and lighting controls.

  • Megaman

    Megaman uses LightwaveRF technology to intelligently and conveniently manage your home’s heating, lighting and power control mechanisms.

  • momit

    Momit is a dynamic and innovative company that develops smart heating control devices, which allow you to take remote control of your home environment.

  • Musaic

    Musaic develops wireless HiFi systems that not only deliver fantastic sound quality, but also integrate smart lighting control and advanced home automation.

  • nCube Home

    nCube Home is a smart home platform that integrates a wide range of smart home products such as heating, lighting, security, entertainment and much more.

  • Neato Robotics

  • Nest

    Nest is a home automation producer of programmable, self-learning, sensor-driven, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, smoke detectors, and other security systems.

  • Netatmo

    Netatmo is an innovative and dynamic brand that develops smart home automation devices for a better and connected home lifestyle.

  • Nodon

    Nodon is a brand new consumer home automation brand that specializes in creating self-powered and wireless EnOcean devices

  • NorthQ

    NorthQ designs and develops heating, electricity and energy monitoring products that help in understanding your consumption.

  • Nubo

  • Oomi

  • OpenEnergyMonitor

    OpenEnergyMonitor - Open source monitoring for understanding energy. The OpenEnergyMonitor System is engaged with exploring the context of renewable energy and zero carbon.

  • Oregon Scientific

    Oregon Scientific offers affordable Weather Stations that have the capability of turning the novice weather enthusiast into a professional.

  • Philio

    Philio is an innovative home automation brand that designs a versatile array of products, ranging from Z-wave controllers, sensors, sirens to switching modules.

  • Philips

    Philips Hue is based on ZigBee LightLink, a low-power, safe, and reliable technology to control your lights.

  • Piper

    Piper, developed by Icontrol networks, combines security, home automation, and sensor monitoring into one nifty piece of hardware.

  • Poly Control

    Poly Control revolutionizes home security with its intelligent door locking mechanism that provides remote, keyless and wireless access to your home.

  • Popp

    Popp is a pioneer in developing reliable smart home solutions that are powerful, interoperable and affordable. Browse the wide product range at Vesternet.

  • Proxi

    Proxi is a family of Bluetooth-powered smart home devices that empower you to control any device easily with just a smartphone application.

  • Qubino

    Qubino develops compact-sized, low-energy microcontrollers for controlling lights, shutters and other electrical devices in your home.

  • Quicksmart

  • Remotec

    Remotec manufacturers a wide array of high quality IR/RF remotes, accessories, media centers, A/V equipments and home automation systems.

  • RFPlayer

    RFPlayer is a division of ZiBlue SAS corporation based in France. The group has a strong expertise in radio frequencies and is a leading provider of software and hardware used for the Smart Home and IoT market.

  • RFXCom

    RFXCom specializes in developing reliable wireless solutions like transceivers that enhance the interconnectivity of your home automation system.

  • Ring

  • Robomow

    Robomow is a world-leader in designing garden-friendly, user-friendly and family-friendly robotic lawn movers.

  • Roost

    Roost delivers a simple, intuitive and affordable way for anyone to enjoy smart home functionality through the easy retrofitting of existing household products.

  • Samsung

    Samsung specializes in developing smart wireless cameras that capture crisp and clear footage and come with advanced remote monitoring capabilities.

  • Secure

    Secure develops a broad range of smart measurement and control devices for your home automation system.

  • Securifi

    Securifi develops intelligent sensors that let you control things like security alerts, heating and light control on the go with your iOS or Android device.

  • Sengled

    Sengled is the global leader in intelligent illumination, producing a full range of app-controlled, intuitive, eco-friendly products.

  • Sensative

    Sensative develops user-friendly, intuitive home automation technology to deliver simple user interactions with no impact on home aesthetics.

  • Sigma Designs

  • Smarter

    Smarter specializes in developing smart devices that grind and brew your tea/coffee just the way you like it and notify you whenever it's ready.

  • SOMA

  • SpotCam

  • Swiid

    Swiid is a popular brand that develops intelligent home automation products that let you take control of any device in your home.

  • tado

    tado GmbH is a German technology company headquartered in Munich and the European market leader in intelligent home climate solutions.

  • Telldus

    Telldus develops innovative home automation products that maximize comfort and energy savings, while reducing inconvenience.

  • TKB

    TKB develops home automation systems that are designed specifically for the comfort and convenience of your family.

  • Vera

    Vera designs simple, smart, and affordable home automation solutions that let you take control of your home.

  • Vision

    Vision develops a wide array of smart home devices that intelligently blend home security, remote monitoring, energy efficiency and climate control.

  • Visonic

  • wiDom

  • Wondrwall

    With Wondrwall technology, your home gains the intelligence and insights about your living patterns and how your home functions and behaves it needs to control the heating, lighting and security of your home exactly as you want them, without you having to tell it.

  • Yale Smart Living

    Yale Smart Living introduces an intelligent and convenient new way to protect your home with its range of smart security devices.

  • Y-cam

    Y-cam develops innovative security camera solutions that work with Wi-Fi and the Cloud.

  • Z-Wave.Me

    Z-Wave.Me develops a wide array of smart remote controllers, flush mountables, temperature sensors and switches that help deliver a smart home experience.

  • Zipato

    Zipato develops innovative products that secure your home from intruders, bring down energy costs and provide you comfort over home’s electrical appliances.

Popular Brands

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