What is EnOcean


What is EnOcean

EnOcean uses a patented energy harvesting wireless technology for use in building automation, Smart Home and Internet of Things.

EnOcean devices combine micro energy converters with ultra-low power electronics, and enable wireless communications between battery-less wireless sensors, battery-less switches, mains powered actuators and central gateways / controllers.

The technology empowers a wide array of devices from various vendors, all offering simple, proven and maintenance-free solutions to meet your Home Automation requirements.

Compatibility and interoperability between EnOcean devices is ensured by the EnOcean Alliance. Formed in 2008 by many of the largest manufacturers of EnOcean equipment it quickly ratified several EEPs (EnOcean Equipment Profiles) along with the lower levels of the wireless standard used. More than 250 companies currently belong to the EnOcean Alliance and the technology has enjoyed huge growth in the past 5 years.

Features such as true plug & play operation, reduced energy consumption and maximum flexibility due to battery-less, wire-free wall switches come together to make EnOcean an excellent choice when it comes to retro-fitting your Smart Home.


Connecting EnOcean devices

Connecting EnOcean devices is extremely easy and user friendly, most times requiring only a single click to pair a device.

Plug-in socket

Step 1

Step 2

Module Inclusion

Hold the manual button until the LED flashes red

Press the button that you intend to link with

In-Wall Relay

Step 1

Step 2

Module Inclusion

Triple-click the Wall Switch connected to S1

Press the Wall Switch button that you intend to link with

Door Sensor

Step 1

Step 2

Module Inclusion

Follow the on-screen instructions to add your device to the EnOcean Hub

Press the button on the Door Sensor

Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Step 1

Step 2

Module Inclusion

On the Vera EnOcean plugin click "Learn"

Hold the button on the TRV


EnOcean Devices

  • Controllers

    EnOcean controllers allow you to remotely control all the self-powered sensors, switches, thermostats, lighting and other EnOcean devices in your home.

  • Switches

    EnOcean Switches let you take remote control of connected EnOcean devices in your home automation network.

  • Wall Plugs

    EnOcean Wall Plugs are plug-and-play devices that can be inserted into any wall power outlet in your home to make the connected device instantly smarter.

  • Sensors

    EnOcean Sensors are self-powered, wireless sensors that allow you to track every activity in your home and monitor different scenarios.

  • Heating and Cooling

    EnOcean heating and cooling devices allow you to intelligently control your home's heating systems, so that you have the perfect temperature.

Popular EnOcean Brands

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