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Z-Wave Fibaro Double Switch 2 Gen5

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Z-Wave Fibaro Home Center Lite Compatible

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A New Generation of Relay Switch Modules

Double Switch 2 was designed to activate and deactivate electrical devices. Thanks to its small size it can be mounted in junction boxes or inside device casings. The module is controlled either through the Z-Wave network or a simple switch. Power and energy usage measurement feature allows you to monitor and lower your utility bills.

Connect your FIBARO Switch 2 to the system and other devices to enjoy the almost endless possibilities!


General Information

  • Built-in scene activation mechanism
  • Security and notification communication classes
  • Configuration menu with a diode
  • Latest generation Z-Wave 500 series chip & Z-Wave Plus protocol
  • Energy and power measurement of connected devices
  • Supports secure mode (Z-Wave Network Security) encrypted with


Convenient Sockets

Double Switch 2 is equipped with sockets that have an increased cross-section which allows you to connect it to wires with a larger diameter and simplify the installation process.

User-friendly Configuration Menu

A built-in RGB diode is of invaluable assistance during the installation process. The light will show whether Double Switch 2 has been added or removed from the network. You can also see whether a calibration or an update was successful.




A Stronger Signal

Double Switch 2 has an increased signal range which gives you more installation possibilities and an increased network coverage.


Easy to Mount

Just place the module in the junction box and connect it to an existing installation.
The module's miniature size allows you to place it in many convenient spots.


Scene Management

Even the most complex actions can be activated via a wall switch connected to a module. With just a press of the button when entering a room, it’s as natural as turning on the lights.


Smart Notifications

Double Switch 2 features many safety measures that prevent it from voltage drop, overheating, or overcharging. In the case of any of these events, the system will immediately send you a notification.



Notification about Unused Devices

Double Switch 2 allows you to monitor electrical devices that are currently inactive. The system will notify you if you leave a device running and allow you to turn it off remotely.

Automated Water Flow Cut-off

A Flood Sensor in conjunction with an electrovalve and the Double Switch 2 module will protect your home against flooding, boasting the highest level of efficacy possible.


Power Measurement

The new Double Switch 2 allows you to measure the power and energy of the connected load. You can see how much energy is used in your home through clear charts and use that information to reduce your electricity bills.

Mobile Device as a Remote

You may control the module and receive information through your home PCs and mobile devices. Double  Switch 2 do not require expensive control panels in order to function.


Takes Care of Your Kids

Are you a parent or do you plan to become one in the near future? Monitoring your children’s study and play time, along with the ability to automatically activate their favorite multimedia might interest you.


Your Home is Wherever You Are

Double Switch 2 module, just like the entire FIBARO system, can be controlled from any place on earth. All you need is internet access.


Note: This module requires 3-wire (including neutral) installation (further information is in our 2-wire/3-wire guide). The output is not potential-free, it does not allow to control a dry contact or load another supply voltage than the input.

Z-Wave Plus

The Fibaro Single Switch 2 Gen5 is Z-Wave Plus Certified. Z-Wave Plus (5th Generation Z-Wave) offers a lot of new features including increased range, extended battery life and Over The Air upgrading (OTA). Take a look at our "What is Z-Wave Plus" guide for more information


Technical Details

  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave+
  • Wireless: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • Radio signal power: up to 1mW
  • Voltage: 110 - 240V AC
  • Maximum load (per channel): 6.5A (Resistive)
  • Maximum total load: 10A (Resistive)
  • Power Consumption: < 0.8W
  • Overcurrent protection: required external 10A circuit breaker
  • Range: up to 50m (outdoors) and 40m (indoors)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 43 x 38 x 20 mm
  • Operational temperature: 0-35°C
  • Scene management: 1 to 3 presses and holding the key pressed down can be mapped to four different actions
  • System of control for each channel: Standard control, Delayed device activation, Delayed device deactivation, Auto on and auto off mode with additional options
3.83 / 5.0
6 Reviews
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1 Star
Home automation newcomer
I am a newcomer to home automation. I bought two of these an a usb stick. I have used these with my pc to start my system. These have work flawlessly. One is linked to a photocell and lights. The other one is used a a remote control based on the status of the photocell, so far they have worked without a hiccup. Will be buying more
9 Jan 2018
Working great with Smartthings
I'm using this for turning on my heating and ventilation system with Smartthings. Its been working great for the past couple of months.
6 Sep 2017
Basic functions - great; power monitoring - questionable
I purchased this revised 2-channel relay module as a directly replacement to an existing earlier model, in the hope that I would be able to measure instantaneous power consumption. I have this running with HomeSeer and a remote Z-Net interface. Although the pairing all worked fine, and I have multiple "child" devices added, I am disappointed that I just cannot get the power reporting functionality to work. As a switch, it's fine, and have no problems with it. But given I actually updated to this device so I could utilise power reporting, I'm somewhat disappointed. As this stage, I am unsure as to whether this is HomeSeer's inability to support the module, or the module itself. Certainly, the fact that HomeSeer correctly creates 12 child devices for this module, causes me to believe that it might not be HomeSeer at fault, here. This is the first disappointing module from Fibaro; a great shame.
27 Feb 2017
Has potential
I think these z-wave products have considerable potential, however as an experienced javascript programmer, I find it very frustrating that the javascript host support environment seems to prevent the use of most normal server-side programming functions. As yet, I haven't found a way of creating even a basic javascript server application to control this or other z-wave products. If there were a good online z-wave programming course, then I think home automation based on z-wave could have enormous potential. Otherwise, I shall have to look elsewhere.
16 Dec 2016
1 year ago
Works fine
A few issues with openzwave/domoticz (energy monitoring on switch 2 in my case) as i speak but im sure it will be sorted out
14 Dec 2016
1 year ago
Great product for smart home. I recommend to all Amateurs and professionals. The store sent the item very quickly, to the Russian product was 14 days.
2 Dec 2016
1 year ago
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Vesternet Store
Great product for a smart home?
Great product for a smart home?
To control bathroom extractor fan and heated towel rail
James R. 24 Sep 2016
To control bathroom extractor fan and heated towel rail
James R. 24 Sep 2016
I have HCL lite and want to trial it before a potential larger purchase
Richard G. 4 Oct 2016
I have HCL lite and want to trial it before a potential larger purchase
Richard G. 4 Oct 2016
I have a Homeseer setup and have bought the Fibrao FGS 223. I have managed to include it but want to change the default toggle to momentary switch as that's what I have elsewhere [legacy X10]. I tried Setting Parameter 20 to 0 in homseer z-wave node but it just says error and dosent change. Any help please
Jon G. 16 Dec 2017
Hi, I want to use this to control a security light which doesn't have a switch. But it needs S1 to be toggled 3 times for inclusion. Is there anyway to include without this e.g. button B?
Mark L. 5 Dec 2017
Hi all, I have installed a couple of these (fgs223) on a 2 way switch. One is an on off switch and the other is a dimmer. I've put the switches behind the on off switch. That bit works well but now the separate dimmer won't dim it only switches on and off. Any suggestions?
Femi B. 20 Aug 2017
Hello - I want to use this relay to control my hot water cylinder - the heating element is rated at 2.7Kw. Can I use the 2x1.5KW relay wired so both sides of the relay switch the boiler load?
MR R. 5 Jun 2017
Can this module be used behind a standard UK Socket and control/monitor it?
Jayatu Mandal (. 28 Apr 2017
What's the difference between this model (FIBEFGS-223) and the FIBEFGS-222? One is described as a switch and the other as a relay, but otherwise seem identical. Does it make any difference to what it can do? I want to use them behind existing light switches to control lighting circuits - does it make any difference which I use? Thanks!
Chris R. 21 Apr 2017
Has anybody seen an issue where the Q outputs don't follow the S inputs? I have to toggle the state of the input switch a few times to get it to sync up. The input switch is the microswitch on my Heating Control Valve.
Darren L. 1 Apr 2017
Does this device work fully with HomeSeer?
Ian C. 27 Feb 2017
Hi - when wired this into a double switch and then included this with a Vera Plus controller there were 3 devices created - the master and 2x appliance modules. In Vera only using the master switch has an affect and it only controls one of the switches. How do I include this so that both switches are controlled?
Ee4cdhi 2 Feb 2017
Does this work with 3 way switched circuits? Can't find a wiring diagram for even 2way switching in the manual.
Oliver L. 18 Jan 2017
How can this be set up for two-way circuits? i.e. two switches controlling one light. I can't see a wiring diagram to support this in the manual.
Guest Visitor 14 Jan 2017
I want to use a Fibaro relay to swicth an immersion heater on and off. The load is switched using a double pole relay. Can I simply connect the Fibaro output across the relay energising contacts, or will you need a resistor in series to reduce the current?
Paul L. 30 Oct 2016
BEST ANSWER: This should work fine, all you are doing is having the Fibaro relay control the high power relay. So long as the double pole relay is 230VAC it will be fine.
Does this module need retractive switches too? I'm guessing yes and it needs 2.
Guest Visitor 21 Oct 2016
BEST ANSWER: It can be used with either retractive (momentary) or toggle switches. By default it is configured to work with toggle switches. Since it has 2 outputs you would need 2 switches if you want to control both channels independently.
Is this device suitable for switching 230V LED lights, or would it be better to use the double relay switch instead? Since it doesn't have dry contacts, I'm wondering if the LEDs may flicker while switched off (as is the case for the dimmer module).
EricJ 13 Oct 2016
BEST ANSWER: This is fine with LEDs. Not sure why you'd think dry contacts will help with LEDs. Dry contacts mean that the contacts have a separate input so that an alternative voltage can be applied to the contacts. For instance you could power the relay with 230V AC and have the switch contacts control a 24VDC voltage. This new version (Switch2) does not have dry contacts so has 230V on the switch outputs. This does not affect how it works with LEDs as even if you had dry contacts you would still be supplying 230V on the switch output. If you take a look at the user manual for this version and the older FGS-212 (which has dry contacts) you will see the internal wiring - this helps illustrate the dry contacts.
The Fibaro Double Switch 2 Gen5 will work with vera plus?
Eyal L. 4 Sep 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, I can confirm that the Fibaro Double Switch 2 does work with Vera Plus. As a relative novice I had no significant difficulty in the set-up.
As far as I know this model like previous models should have "Manager Power" option, but in your site usage it didn't mention it. it realy does not have this option?!
Bigbang001 4 Sep 2016
BEST ANSWER: Previous versions of the Fibaro Relay's did not have power monitoring. However, as I said in an earlier question the new Switch 2 devices do have power monitoring. This is also highlighted on the product page in the "Power Measurement" section. Hope this helps.
Does this support lower voltage DC like the earlier versions did, or only mains?
Guest Visitor 27 Aug 2016
BEST ANSWER: No. We do highlight this in the description. The original relays (FGS-211 & FGS-221) did support 24-60VDC, however this was changed in 2015 when the FGS-212 & FGS-222 were released - these only supported 230VAC. This new version is the same, it only supports 230V. Other differences on this Switch 2 (FGS-213 & FGS-223) are that they are Z-Wave Plus and support power monitoring. However, an important thing to highlight is that they do not have dry contacts - the output can only switch 230V.

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