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Z-Wave Fibaro Motion Sensor Gen5

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Z-Wave Fibaro Home Center Lite Compatible

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  1.    This itemZ-Wave Fibaro Motion Sensor Gen5
  2.    Z-Wave Fibaro Swipe


The Fibaro Motion Sensor is a universal Z-Wave multi-sensor that combines a PIR (Motion), light, temperature and accelerometer (vibration) sensor, all in one tiny package. The Fibaro Motion Sensor is battery powered device and designed to be installed quickly and easily on any surface.



Fibaro Motion Sensor


The Fibaro Motion Sensor expands the comfort of your reality. Create custom scenarios, so you can forget about nasty situations and enjoy the luxury of safety - its watchful eye will detect any intrusion or attempted sabotage, fire or other threats. Now you know and see more!

Colour announces motion and temperature

The multicolour LED pupil of the FIBARO Motion Sensor indicates when motion is detected or the room's current temperature. Set the colour and its intensity to your liking and, as soon as you enter a room, you will know what the temperature is.

Fibaro Motion Sensor LED


Small is beautiful!

The world's most advanced technology has been enclosed in a flawless white casing. With a diameter of less than 44 millimetres, you will love it at first sight!

Fibaro Motion Sensor Size


Intelligent object recognition

One of the main features of the Fibaro Motion Sensor is its excellent ability to detect even the slightest motion. Given that all rooms are different, you can also adjust the Motion Sensor’s sensitivity to suit its location in the house, your individual needs or a particular situation.


Fibaro Motion Sensor Recognition

Count the guests

After installing Fibaro Motion Sensors on both sides of the entrance to your home, you will always know how many people entered or left your the house or room. No need to worry about a teenager being home alone. The Fibaro Motion Sensor will tell you what time he or she went out, came back home, or how many visitors he or she had.


Fibaro Motion Sensor Counting


Fibaro Motion Sensor Alarm

Remind you to set the alarm!

Did you leave the iron or lights on when leaving in a hurry? Forgot to arm the alarm? No worries!
The Fibaro Motion Sensor will detect the lack of motion in the house and inform the Home Center about it. Then the pre-programmed scenario will notify you, or automatically arm the alarm, close the windows, turn off the lights and all unnecessary devices, and lower the heating temperature.


Temperature correction

The Motion Sensor has a built-in temperature sensor to meet all your needs. The temperature at ceiling level is different to that close to the floor. All you need to do to get the heating temperature right is to measure the temperature at floor level, and tell the Motion Sensor to compensate for the difference.

Using with VERA

The Fibaro Motion Sensor does work with VERA, but make sure you read our Knowledgebase Article - Using the Fibaro Motion Sensor with VERA

Z-Wave Plus

The Z-Wave Fibaro Motion Sensor Gen5 is Z-Wave Plus Certified. Z-Wave Plus (5th Generation Z-Wave) offers a lot of new features including increased range, extended battery life and Over The Air upgrading (OTA). Take a look at our "What is Z-Wave Plus" guide for more information

Technical Details

  • Technology: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • 4-in-1 Sensor: Motion, temperature, Light and accelerometer
    • PIR: 7m detection and 2.4m recommended installation height
    • Temperature: 0 to +40°C (±0.5°C)
    • Light: 0 - 32,000Lux
  • Tamper Alarm: Yes
  • Push-button: Wake-up, inclusion and exclusion
  • Rating: Dry (Indoor) conditions
  • Transmission distance: 50m free field, 30m indoors
  • Power: 1x CR123A (3.6V) battery (supplied)
  • Dimensions: 44mm (dia)
3.80 / 5.0
25 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Works perfectly with Fibaro HC2 and HCL
This does exactly what it is supposed to do. It is very easy to install and remove. In the HC2/HCL it installs three icons - movement, temperature and lux. It is about 3cm diameter; it is a very nicely designed piece of kit; and is quite discreet when attached to the ceiling.
2 Nov 2017
Used with SmartThings
Used with SmartThings it’s absolutely perfect.
23 Oct 2017
Excellent piece of kit
This is my first gen5 fibaro, joining three earlier versions. I use them with Domoticz running on a raspberry pi. Absolutely no problems...they just join and work! I'm using this in a garden building, probably about 7-8 metres from the controller. I will be interested to see if battery life is longer with this generation, I get around 10months to a year out of the earlier mods. Recommended.
25 Jul 2017
Works well
I bought these for the adjustable sensitivity (cats) to work with a smartthings hub. I had a few hiccups with the smartthings hub seeing the sensor as a window sensor. To resolve this I had to manually change the device handler in the developers options. To adjust the sensor, if you're using a smartthings hub you'll need to use a custom device handler. They now work a treat picking up human movement but not the cat.
7 Jun 2017
Lovely little item
This is a great bit of kit, fitted easily and looks great. The only thing i have a problem at the moment with the range, its in the back room pointing at the doors but takes a fair bit to activate it. I will spend more time on it to check it out just in case,....
10 May 2017
Works a treat under HS3. Brilliant
13 Apr 2017
Fantastic product
Love them. I've got 4 of these sensors and have had no issues linking them to my Fibaro HCL. To be honest, I havent tried any other brands and with their elegant design and ease of inclusion I probaly never will
6 Mar 2017
Great design but battery...
The design is great, very evocative and even the other half likes it. Ideally I would have the HomeSeer HSM100, but they are discontinued, so these are a good alternative. They are set up in HS easily (but renaming takes a while). Can't use them outdoors (I've tried) water gets into the casings surprisingly - did wonder about recasing them. But, surprise, surprise you CAN use them on 5V - I've been running a few off of a (5V) USB PSU - both froma Netbook and via a much higher rated plugin PSI and it's been fine. I LIKE mains devices, batteries cost a lot and, yes, I've tried the rechargeable CR123's and they don't last either. Also means I can set the reporting to be more frequently. Downside is that I can't tell it that it is now a routing node (could with the HSM100's - sigh, I miss them). I will be using these, but wired and indoors.
19 Dec 2016
Great product for smart home. I recommend to all Amateurs and professionals. The store sent the item very quickly, to the Russian product was 14 days.
2 Dec 2016
1 year ago
Worked with my Smarthings Hubs straight out of the box. I have two now for switching lights on or off and controlling the heating
15 Nov 2016
1 year ago
Great little sensor
Was way smaller than I thought it would be, got it set up with my Vera Plus in no time. With it being so small it is easy to install and have it fairly hidden without loosing any field of vision.
31 Aug 2016
1 year ago
Neat and great functionality
Got the non gen 5 version previously but this version has greater range and integrates better with Piper. Highly recommended.
31 Aug 2016
1 year ago
Unusual Design
Some problems with VeraPlus in that the vibration monitor is not seen, otherwise a good rpoduct
24 Aug 2016
1 year ago
Tiny sensor and works well with ST
Have two of these connected to Samsung Smartthings, they are both roughly 10-12 metres from the hub. They are far smaller than the picture suggests - golf ball sized. Am using them to switch a light on when motion and it's dark, which just needs the illumation setting tweaked. No light shows unless motion detected.
1 Aug 2016
1 year ago
Battery Only Lasted 3 months !!!
I bought this due to the improved battery life that is supposed to come with z-wave plus devices (2 years) - however the reality is that it has only lasted under 3 months. And it is not in a high-footfall area to trigger it all the time !! These are a well made and ideal as a 3 in 1 sensor but woaah - the battery life is terrible !! I will need reassurances from Fibaro before buying anymore..
14 Jul 2016
1 year ago
Works perfectly with SmartThings
Added straight away to my v2 Hub and has an officially supported device type. Not totally convinced on the wireless range, but I can't honestly mark it down as the garden room it occupies has two layers of celotex insulation and thus 4 layers of foil to try and get through. Once I had installed the Fibaro Dimmer 2 in there (which has a better position for the signal and can act as a repeater), the motion sensor then came to life and started working correctly. The sensor itself is nicely designed and the mount makes it very easy to pop in/out as required and position where you want it. The marketing pictures are slightly deceptive as it certainly doesn't look like an iris on the front, although that's actually a positive in my mind as having a dis-embodied eye staring at you from the corner of the ceiling would be slightly disconcerting. Everything seems to work perfectly thus far, and I'm enjoying having a luminance sensor to make my lighting more autonomous and appropriate to the conditions. I intend to buy more as I expand my smart home's reach, very happy customer.
21 Jun 2016
7m range? It's more like 7 foot
The unit is small and looks good and worked out of the box with my Vera Plus once paired (which came with a newer firmware than the one available on their site). One major drawback is the range. The documentation is claiming 7meters but it is more like 7feet. Our old ADT sensor detects even minor movements across our 5m bedroom whereas this one only registers if I move quite close to it like 6-7 feet. I am using it in the much smaller landing area now and it seems to work most of the time. I say most because I am not always sure if it's Vera's or the sensors fault when the scene doesn't trigger. My search continues for the best Zwave plus motion/multi sensor that can beat the existing ADT sensors.
13 Jun 2016
1 year ago
Works with Vera Plus!
You have to contact there support for them to input the device IDs to your local Vera for now, but once it's done this device works perfectly. Search the MicasaVerde forums and you'll see i got it working.
21 May 2016
Great unless you have a Vera Edge
basically it doesn't work any more with the vera edge
27 Apr 2016
1 year ago
Doesn't Work with VeraPlus
The original sensor bought 2 months ago worked without a hitch, bat the latest one won't work with VeraPlus. Had to go through the help people for them to set it up. Then the whole Vera network crashed and now nothing works
20 Apr 2016
1 year ago
Good once set up
This is the second one of these that I have bought. I still need to get vera support to manually add the right firmwear but once that's done ( and they usually get back within 24 hrs) it works well. We have changed the colour on this one to white and it gives just enough of a glow to find the door/stairs at night without the need for another light to come on.
10 Apr 2016
1 year ago
New version failure
I have both this and the 2.7 version firmware - this is the 3.2 version and i was excited to get this working with my Atom Homey. As indicated in other reviews here this does not work with mainstream wave hubs, and i would hazard a guess s that the review that says it does is working perfectly ..has the 2.7 version... as I have the 2.7 version and that too works perfectly... we just need the hub vendors to catch up iGuess
10 Apr 2016
1 year ago
Works Perfectly
This sensor is amazing in mho. I have owned for around a year it looks slick, has never not picked up on presense which is what I wanted it for. I use it with Vera Edge and have a scene set that when Away mode is set and it senses presence it activates a philips hue bulb so I have never needed to turn the lights on when walking into my home. This in turn does fire an alert off to me via email/sms from Vera and has worked 100% from day one. Light sensore lux seems to work although I can't say for its accuracy as I have nothing to compare it with. I beleive vibration support is not compatible with Vera Edge but I highly recommend this product. Battery has had no issue working 24/7 for over a year.
5 Apr 2016
Doesn't work with Vera plus
Bought recently to integrate into my Vera plus but the new gen5 version is not supported yet. The temp and light sensors seem to work, but motion doesn't, and that's what I need it for. Not much use at the moment.
29 Mar 2016
looks good but doesn't work with vera plus yet
Great functions and kids think it's some kind of super intelligent life form, but Vera plus wont control the motion sensor at the moment so I have to turn it to face the wall else I get a notification every time someone moves. I've contacted Vera support and hopefully they will get back to me soon to sort it (got told it needs a firmware update) but if they don't respond soon it's going back. If it does ever work i'd give it 5 stars and buy loads!
22 Mar 2016
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Why did you choose this?
Vesternet Store
Great product for a smart home?
Great product for a smart home?
Work with my Samsung Smartthing
Andrew F. 25 Oct 2016
Work with my Samsung Smartthing
Andrew F. 25 Oct 2016
Up to date version of the motion sensor I was looking for and the most competitive price. Also crucially a U.K. Supplier.
Wendy R. 22 Oct 2016
I have a Fibaro HC2. The Fibaro motion sensor should therefore be 100% supported.
Oddgeir G. 6 Oct 2016
Have already 9 pieces and I'm satisfied how they work since are battery operated sensors.
Zoran S. 30 Aug 2016
Really convenient little package which provides lots of nice inputs. Works great, and looks super!
Andrew C. 15 Aug 2016
This sensor seems to have the best motion sensor of the crop. It works over the greatest distances and doesn't throw up false positives as often as some of the other brands. Works well with Homeseer.
Steve C. 15 Aug 2016
To detect movement and turn lights on automatically.
Antti T. 18 Jul 2016
Very neat form factor and easy to set up with Vera.
David F. 11 Jul 2016
Motion detection for lighting and occupancy within homeseer
Guest O. 11 Jul 2016
An extension to my growing Home Automation system which works with Samsung Smartthings!
Adam S. 11 Jul 2016
Delving into the world of home automation and these looked cool and loads of features
Lawrence S. 5 Jul 2016
Cool and compatible
Andy G. 26 Jun 2016
Seems to have better temperature sensor. Just trying things out for the moment.
Joanna O. 30 May 2016
I have two of these already, they are easy to configure with my Vera Edge and seem reliable
Angus M. 16 May 2016
Seen in action and loved the size and product features
Rakesh P. 17 Apr 2016
My first venture in to home automation. Seems to provide a lot of functionality.
Simon H. 17 Apr 2016
Motion and light sensor, compatible with smart things
Richard J. 7 Mar 2016
Looks good, hopefully compatible with my Vera Edge
John S. 9 Nov 2016
Looks good, hopefully compatible with my Vera Edge
John S. 9 Nov 2016
Does what i want from a sensor
fosty148 24 Oct 2016
Does what i want from a sensor
fosty148 24 Oct 2016
To use with piper nv
Ben C. 17 Oct 2016
Good product design and functionality. Works well
Gary J. 4 Sep 2016
To use with Domoticz. It has a good set of features and price.
Martins K. 19 Aug 2016
It's able to survive in a covered position outdoors
Michael W. 15 Aug 2016
I will place it in the hall of my house to check light levels when I enter the house. If they light levels are low the lights will turn on...
Neil L. 15 Aug 2016
For entry to house monitoring of motion and temperatures
Stuart T. 18 Jul 2016
I have this particular motion sensor in my home automation and it is easy and simple to set up in my HC2.
Bejal P. 11 Jul 2016
Already have 2 and needed 2 more for new alarm zones in outbuildings
Ian B. 11 Jul 2016
Want to use this sensor on my ST install
Andrew M. 11 Jul 2016
seemed like a good choise.
Gabor V. 27 Jun 2016
I have Fibaro motion sensors throughout because they're just the most discreet and compact package out there - although the Aeon Labs Multisensor comes a close second.
Paul P. 15 Jun 2016
loads of sensors allowing me to be more economical with my bedroom lights
Robbie W. 24 May 2016
Next part of a complete home automation project. Required for presence detection and part of heat/smoke/alarm system.
Mark B. 12 May 2016
To add to SmarthThings system
Jonathan F. 17 Apr 2016
to make scenes where motion trigger event
Johnny J. 11 Apr 2016
I bought this motion sensor and tried without success to include to my new smartthings hub v2 (UK version). Smartthings support advised me to confirm that the motion sensor is also a UK version (not a US one), as apparently the frequencies are different... Can you please confirm that this sensor works with the UK version of smartthings hub?
Eleftherios K. 6 Jan 2018
Hi Folks. Is it feasible to use this sensor to control your central heating. If I used a fibaro relay to control the boiler could the temperature sensor be used as a thermostat to set or monitor the temperature or would I need to buy a dedicated Zwave thermostat? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Richard G. 24 Nov 2017
When you add a Z-Wave network the sensor FGMS-001 (controller Razbery) in the settings is displayed only temperature and illumination. No tamper and motion sensor. Accordingly, they are not in applications. Removed from the network, he added, the problem is not resolved. What to do?
Cherny A. 2 Oct 2017
Will this work outside as a motion detection?
NikBns 3 Oct 2016
BEST ANSWER: I have one outside under cover in my porch and it's fine as shelterd from the elements . Without cover from rain etc. I don't think it will last as not IP rated.
Will this work with the Aeon Labs / Aeotec Z-stick?
Guest Visitor 27 Jul 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes I have them working together in openhab. Wasn't as straightforward as the previous gen sensor, they have backwards compatibility association groups so should work with previous gen controllers too
Does this new Z-Wave Fibaro Motion Sensor Gen5 version work with the zipabox? or is it just vera edge having problems?
Guest Visitor 10 Jul 2016
BEST ANSWER: Can't answer directly as I use VeraPlus control. It was problematic to get it working with the Vera, but the main problem I have with it is if it's in an area of your home with high traffic it sometimes sticks with a motion sensor alarm which of course causes the main alarms to sound when I set system as away or night mode. I have tried it in a few different areas, it is now in our summerhouse and if we have several visitors in it is likely to lock on movement. I am getting to stage of trying to return it or throwing it away.
I have one of these with the Vera Plus and am having a few difficulties with it. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction as this is my first venture into the world of home automation. The Vera plus is running v1.7.1786 and the sensor is v3.2 according to the label on the box? I have had to add and remove this 4 times to get the motion, temp and light sensors to show up. Only added about an hour or so ago so will see what it does. The motion sensor seems to be a bit random and not always detecting movement - although I'm not sure on whether that's just a config issue. The temperature sensor seems to be a bit random though. One minute it is reporting the room temp as 20 deg C but then all of a sudden it goes up to 67 deg C and stays there for ages before showing a more normal figure. I can assure you it is not 67 deg in here.... The other thing that I have noticed is that on the device page the parent device keeps showing up a red banner saying "please wait getting the manufacturer" this message seems to alternate with the waiting for device wakeup to configure device message. I think the wakeup message is down to the device only polling every few seconds etc... Could anyone advise if these are likely to be a config issue, compatibility issue and should I be taking this up with Vera/Fibaro support or just looking towards returning it? Thanks for any assistance. Simon
Simon H. 21 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi Simon, I have one of these running on Vera Edge...don't know how that differs with Vera Plus. I've had the usual teething trouble with mine as well and have been advised that some features (motion) in the latest Gen 5 version of the sensor have an issue with Vera which does require contact with Vera support...who apparently can sort this out remotely. Incidentally, I installed mine as a generic device, not using the Vera template that is there already for this unit....which I think is for an older model. I too initially had the red banner so included and excluded a few times...and woke the unit up (one press of the button) and eventually that banner disappeared. My main use is with the light sensor part which I use to override an evening lighting scene on the days it is gloomier than usual prior to dusk. At the moment it seems to be working OK for that (mine too reads about 67 but in my case that's correctly F not C!). I don't know if it reads the lux level correctly but have mine operating when the levels fall below 25 or 30 lux in the settings and that seems about right. My main issue is that the movement isn't yet working properly (I haven't contacted Vera Support yet) but more importantly for me, the 'on'/'off' switch doesn't seem to turn everything on the device on or off. So with the lighting level, all I can do at the moment is have it operate between particular hours whereas if I could arm/disarm the device as a whole or in part (as is possible with other devices) then I'd have more control over its operation in scenes. So overall, I think it does work but as seems the case with nearly all these z wave items, you have to stick with it and waste an enormous amount of time and effort before they certainly isn't as straightforward as Lightwaverf... Hope that helps a bit....
Does this work with cats? Pet Friendly?
mercedesboom 9 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: This sensor has adjustable sensitivity and you can change its position so that the angle of detection is higher. This should stop it being triggered by your cats.
I have one of these and a Samsung smart hub... hoping use various items from one place. The motion sensor is recognised as a door/window sensor?
Guest Visitor 7 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: I'd try re-adding it, manually selecting Fibaro motion sensor. Mine worked first time with ST.
Can the earthquake mode be ran concurrently with motion detection?
DErekLai 29 Mar 2016
BEST ANSWER: The vibration sensor is a separate sensor so operates independently to the motion (PIR). How this works in your system depends on the Z-Wave controller you are using.
Whats new in this Gen 5 version?
New pond 8 Mar 2016
BEST ANSWER: This is the Gen 5 version of the Fibaro Motion sensor - so Z-Wave Plus. The Z-Wave chip has been changed for the 500-series, but nothing else has changed.
Does this work with both UI5 and UI7?
Gary K. 8 Mar 2016
BEST ANSWER: We're not sure yet. We have just received the first batch of Gen 5 yesterday and will be testing them at the begging of next week. We have heard that there are some issues with this version in VERA, but so far not been able to investigate as we've yet to test them.

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