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Z-Wave Vera Plus




1 x Z-Wave Vera Plus   +£149.00

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Automate, Secure, View & Control Your Home from Anywhere.


The Vera Plus is a fully featured Z-Wave Plus compatible Internet gateway that enables you to keep connected to your home and business, no matter where you are.

It's compatible with an even wider range of devices that use ZigBee and Bluetooth wireless protocols, along with Z-Wave and Wi-Fi!

You can connect with more devices regardless of the type of wireless technology your device uses.

Your system can have over 200 devices on your Vera network, so VeraPlus is perfect for larger homes!

Vera Plus supports 1400+ devices from all major brands! Works with many popular devices using Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, or Bluetooth.

It has everything the popular VeraEdge has, including no monthly fees required!

Vera Plus adds more device compatibility, more memory, and more speed.

No Monthly Fees Required!

Vera Controllers require no monthly fees for self-monitoring. Save hundreds every year compared with local cable, phone or alarm companies. Receive notifications of all security or safety events.


Vera Plus Camera


Vera users save money by self-monitoring their systems, receiving instant text alerts of any security events. Included with all Vera controllers for no additional charge.

Vera Plus Cloud

Advanced Camera Management & Storage

Vera's optional Professional Camera Management Service provides secure video archiving and camera hot zoning with specific notifications when defined areas are triggered.


Home Control Doesn’t Have to be Complicated or Expensive!

Vera gives you easy control over lights, cameras, thermostats, door locks and more. Whether you are just starting your smart home or already have smart home devices and want to unify them for control from a single easy to use app, Vera is for you!


Easy, Powerful Home Automation


One Touch Control

One Touch Control

Quickly change lights, climate and security with one tap.

Custom Scenes

Custom Scenes

Lights on when motion is detected, lock doors automatically, etc.

Geo Fencing


Automatically warm/cool the home before you arrive, lock doors, and more!

Advanced Camera Management

Advanced Camera

View all cameras together, add motion detection.

Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

View energy use and save money on heating, cooling and lights.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Control your entire Vera system from any iOS or Android device.

Text and Email Alerts

Texts & E-mail Alerts

When kids arrive home, employees leave, smoke detected, etc.

Simple Setup

Simple Set Up

Convenient interactive installation  wizards guide you at every step.

Z-Wave Plus

The Vera Plus is Z-Wave Gen5 and supports Z-Wave Plus. Z-Wave Plus (5th Generation Z-Wave) offers a lot of new features including increased range, extended battery life and Over The Air upgrading (OTA). Take a look at our "What is Z-Wave Plus" guide for more information

Technical Details

  • Z-Wave: Z-Wave Plus (868.4MHz)
  • ZigBee: HA 1.2
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 + BLE
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Max. Number of Devices: 220
  • USB Port: USB 2.0
  • WAN Port: Gigabit Ethernet
  • GUI / User Interface: UI7
  • Hardware CPU: 880MHz MIPS SoC
  • Flash Memory: NAND 128MB
  • Memory: DDR3 256MB
  • Batteries: External (optional)
  • Power Supply Input: AC 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output: DC 12V/1.5A (EU plug)
  • Dimensions: 198 x 128 x 33mm
  • Certifications FCC, CE, RoHS, Z-Wave Plus

Application Notes, Guides and Videos

General Help Guides, Tutorials and Tips & Tricks

3.00 / 5.0
18 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Lots of plugins
Good product with lots of plugins. Not so good at displaying Fibaro devices as it shows parent and child devices which can be confusing.
14 Jun 2017
Useful product
Product is good, support from Vesternet also good. 4 stars as you do need to be competent with IT to get the best out of this unit. Vera support is okay but they do need to read e-mails thoroughly before replying. Will be a great unit as I add extra devices to this controller. If you are worried then I am happy to recommend Vesternet for there support.
22 May 2017
Slow, buggy, at times unresponsive and no way to set any password or local security. Have switched to HS3 and will never use a vera again. Steer clear if at all possible this is a flawed product.
13 Apr 2017
Simle setup
i have installed vera plus. Setup is easy and operation is simple. I guess operation manual to be included in the package.
19 Mar 2017
Good product
Very good product. For the first time set up a similar device, in general, everything took about 30 minutes I am very happy purchase. While I can not estimate objectively all the advantages the device, because use only begun. There is a slight delay of a fraction of a second when managing devices, but it works very stable!
5 Mar 2017
Great product for smart home. I recommend to all Amateurs and professionals. The store sent the item very quickly, to the Russian product was 14 days.
2 Dec 2016
1 year ago
Vera Plus - worth the money??
Purchased this as an upgrade to my Vera Edge, it offers a faster processor and greater connectivity combining Bluetooth zigbee and zwave into a single unit. It does however lack wifi connectivity and must therefore be hard wired to your router, in addition support for Bluetooth devices is presently limited to one bulb and the zigbee devices in the UK are also somewhat lacking. It appears Vera has a zigbee implementation of only the HA protocol meaning it is unable to talk directly to Philips Hue which is arguably the biggest selling zigbee device range in the U.K. Save your money, benefit from WiFi connectivity and purchase the Vera Edge device.
28 Nov 2016
1 year ago
Good, but not without some problems
I got the Vera Plus to replace my Vera3 on UI5 which has worked flawlessly for 3 years. I had decided to upgrade from UI5 (which is now effectively EOL) to UI7 and decided to get the Vera Plus at the same time. Controller to controller migration works but I was advised by Mios support that it is NOT a long-term way of migrating your existing Z-Wave devices from previous Vera controllers. It is something to do with differences in the mesh network that will degrade over time. The best way is to individually move your devices across and re-pairing them with the Vera Plus.This is a pain because I have a couple of devices in really out-of-the-way places. At least Mios support were honest in telling me this. This is not an issue if you starting from scratch. I have only moved a few devices across to the Vera Plus so far but it all looks good. It seems to better communicate with some battery powered devices that are a fair distance away that the Vera3 had occasional problems with. The Vera Plus seems quite snappy but I never had a problem with speed on the Vera3. There is one firmware problem that did come up. Under some circumstance the "WiFi" indicator will not go out even though the internal wireless interface is disabled. This is just cosmetic and Mios support told me this would be fixed in future release. UI7: I don't like it! Functionally it is fine but the various pages are too fancy, in terms of graphics candy, and consume too much screen area to the extent you can miss stuff that requires a scroll to see. Notifications are the same - too many fancy graphics filling your screen with the actual data, that you are interested in, sometimes requires a scroll to see it all. AND after all this time notifications still do not have the Vera local time when the notification was raised - this is a pain when your Vera is in a different timezone to you. For all its foibles I think the Vera (all versions) is the platform for me compared to all other I have looked at - for 4 main reasons: 1. It has been reliable for over 3 years (Vera3) 2. There are some great plugins available (PLEG being the the real differentiater). 3. If you want a simple set up, just use as it comes out of the box. If you want to go complicated or complex and you are willing to make the effort you can do that too, i.e. it is flexible. 4. Fantastic user community - ask a sensible question and you are bound to get the help you need. Oh a PS: many people have commented that the old Vera3 enclosure looked like a piece of amateur made kit and the new, sleeker Vera Plus looks better. I have to disagree, the old Vera3 box is functional and you can see all the indicators when it is on a shelf - at a glance. The Vera Plus indicators are on the top of the unit and I have to pick it up and slant it towards me so I can see them. Picky I know, but I put functionality above sleek cosmetic design.
24 Oct 2016
Wouldn't connect to network
Everytime it tried to connect to my network the entire network crashed. Vesternet tech support and Micasa Verde tried to fix it and couldn't. I returned it for a refund.
5 Oct 2016
1 year ago
Very poor
This is the wrong device to buy if you hve fibaro dimmers. I have 25 of the 212 dimmers 2. My house only has dimmable led bulbs due to a renovation. The box specs say Fibaro 212 dimmers supported. I even waited for the firmware update 2 months after it was released as i preordered it so i could have it as soon as it was released. very poor support from vera. They then released a firmware update that added fibaro 212 support in the release notes. No help again. I would suggest going down the Zwave plus stick of your choosing and a raspberry pi. Loads of guides on how to do it and a lot more supportive community as it is done by people with tech skills not doing it for the money.
4 Oct 2016
1 year ago
Works well. Good community support
This is my first HA after researching for several months. My other option was Smarthing but I thought I give this one a go as the flexibility and connectivity seems better. As this is my first hence I cannot compare other systems available on the market. Setting it up was straight forward. Linking it with the wall plug and Fibaro sensor were straight forward too (once you know what you suppose to do) I also had it linked to my alarm system and able to use all the sensor from the alarm. The community support is good and so does the support team from Vesternet. The PLEG plug-in is a must IMO allowing you to setting different scenes.
21 Sep 2016
Small, neat, great idea....but....slooooooooowwwww.
I have Homeseer HS3 and a Fibaro HC2, which both out perform this by miles. I bought the unit for my elderly Mother's bunglow so I could write some scripts to turn lamps on at sunset, and have a bed time on so she doesn't need to go round turning the lamps off. In addition I have a small motion script running which monitors motion on a Fibaro sensor in the hall to alert me of "no-motion" during certain time periods. All scenes and scripts work fine, but the 5 TKB home plugs connected can take up to 30 seconds to respond to commands, and I get fairly frequent "device not responding" alerts, which in a smallish bungalow and Z Wave I think is unacceptable. Yes I have applied all the updates, and refreshed the Z Wave mesh etc. but nothing has made any difference at all. Fortunately as most operations are scripts you don't really notice the difference, but if I operate any module manually, it's a very very slow response. Personally I wouldn't recommend this item to friends, and am now changing it for her to a Fibaro Home Centre (lite), as I think this probably still needs a bit of work. Interface is ok, but feels somehow a little disjointed, and is evidently a bit buggy across platforms as I run on IOS and Android. I'm not sure if the speed issue is specific to my unit, or my unit with the combination of TKB home plugs, but either way this as a combination, in my application, simply doesn't work. I've given 2 stars as the unit is very neat, similar in size to a network switch or modem, and the concept of multiple protocols is good, but above all it needs to work, so 3 stars off for me for this I'm afraid.
9 Sep 2016
Initial setup failed and need hard reset
On the very first day when I perform setup to include zwave device, the device hang and regardless how many time I reboot the Vera plus, it show "Luup engine is taking longer to reload", and its actually taking forever. I have to do a hard reset in order to proceed but I loss will the earlier setup. Device allocated to room doesn't get saved, it reappear again in the old room, what a simple bug.
9 Sep 2016
1 year ago
Like the original VeraLite, but better
It's faster. Admittedly doesn't feel as much faster as I was hoping, but it's still a big improvement. It's thinner (but wider), and it no longer looks like a hobby project. Having the extra connectivity (wifi, low-power bluetooth) might prove useful one day too. The upgrade itself went relatively smoothly, having followed the guide here. A few things needed reconfiguring and a few devices seem to lose contact a bit more often, but nothing fatal. Reconfiguring some plugins (notably DataMine) was a pain, but in that case mainly because the mounting of USB disks has changed under the hood. All in all pretty pleased.
10 Jul 2016
Not very good
Originally worked with a Fibaro motion sensor + Qubino light dimmer . Then introduced 2 new sensors and it refused to recognize them. Went through the VeraPlus help desk who fiddled with it and they worked - But then the original light dimmer wouldn't. Then the whole system crashed and now nothing works. Even when it did work it was slow - a couple of seconds delay from the sensor detecting movement until the light switched on.
20 Apr 2016
1 year ago
The best controller so far!
I've been researching controllers for quite some time, and have Insteon, Smartthings and Vera, together with various home-brewed software. So far the Vera is the best - but there's still room for improvement. The range of devices supported is huge, an order of magnitude better than Smartthings, and the flexibility of scenes is very good too. What lets Vera down is the slowness of the user interface. It's not bad, but it's not snappy either. The UI is also not very user-friendly and takes quite a bit of getting used to. Despite all that it's currently my controller of choice, and the small number of Smartthings devices I have all play well with it. Overall. for the money, it's the best controller you can buy.
3 Apr 2016
1 year ago
Reliable and good value
I'm new to HA and zwave except for some X10 quite a while ago (which was poor). Vera seems good value compared to competition but I don't know yet if the lower price means I'm missing out on features that I don't realise I need as a newbie. Reliable so far but only have 3 devices. Easy to set up. Not sure I like traffic going through their servers as I could connect direct as I have a fixed ip. Their registration process which you must complete fully asks too many questions. If you don't answer then box is useless.
24 Mar 2016
Simple interface and works with basic on/of sensors but more tricky to get other things connected
Vera plus interface is user friendly and it works easily pairing door sensors and wall plugs etc, but poor coding means it's tricky to pair IP cameras. Lots of work around needed still which shouldn't really be needed. App OK but ramdomly doesn't show all outputs from sensors, eg with Netatmo it doesn't show CO2 readings on the app? Also not got geofencing to work properly. Good idea but still needs more work. I don't think it's just this company I think its the whole sector really and this is probably one of the better ones.
22 Mar 2016
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Why did you choose this?
Vesternet Store
Recommended by Versternet. Definitely the right choice.
015065 A. 2 Nov 2016
Recommended by Versternet. Definitely the right choice.
015065 A. 2 Nov 2016
Supports the largest range of radio standards out of the box. Many devices supported out of the box. Extensions possible using LUUP
Justin R. 1 Aug 2016
Supports the largest range of radio standards out of the box. Many devices supported out of the box. Extensions possible using LUUP
Justin R. 1 Aug 2016
Good reputation and recommended by a knowledgable colleague.
Dan L. 15 Apr 2016
Seen this in action and really liked the solution
Rakesh P. 24 Feb 2016
Replacement for Vera Edge
David R. 16 Aug 2016
Replacement for Vera Edge
David R. 16 Aug 2016
My brother is using this and he recommended it and Vesternet as the best online seller
Jason R. 20 Jul 2016
My brother is using this and he recommended it and Vesternet as the best online seller
Jason R. 20 Jul 2016
Already had a vera edge with RFXtrx433. This gave me an upgrade with minimal effort to migrate giving me better performance and the benefit of using other non Z-wave devices i.e. Bluetooth.
Gary R. 27 Feb 2016
Am excited about the new vera with more memory.
Nicolai A. 26 Jan 2016
Is there any test/demo system available online where I can try the user interface before buying? Doing web searches I find things like whilst discussing the sort of thing I am asking about the page is obsolete and the system mentioned is no longer available.
Michael W. 21 Jun 2017
Is Z-Wave Vera Edge compatible with LightwaveRF all devices trough RFXtrx433E Kit without using Lightwave Link?
Francesco B. 16 Oct 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes it works fine. I've unplugged my lightwave link completely and still use them on their own. Programming them to work is easy enough. Also if you have a LightwaveRF remote keypad it also receives this information and can be used to trigger events. (Which Lightwave Link cannot do) The only problem you have is LightwaveRF does not give status updates so you cannot tell if someone turned a light on or off direct from the wall socket but apart from that it works well and seems to be more stable than the Z-Wave items I also use.
Will it work with all zwave frequencies UK USA?
Javed R. 2 Oct 2016
BEST ANSWER: This is a European Z-Wave frequency device (868MHz), this can be checked in the "technical" tab. All Z-Wave devices that we sell are European frequency, we do not sell US frequency devices -
Is it possible to switch off individual protocols that is not in use fx. bluetooth, wifi or zigbee?
Brian E. 22 Sep 2016
BEST ANSWER: You can certainly turn off wifi. Instead appears not to be added until you start a wizard. I believe the others are on by default and cannot be turned off. I've just established this my looking through my settings. Hope that helps.
Would i be able to control Hive heating using this? I believe Hive uses Zigbee?
Guest Visitor 22 Jul 2016
BEST ANSWER: Sorry, I am not in a position to answer. Currently I am using Heatmiser but controlling it through an independent app. I would suggest that you contact Hive technical support for the safest answer.
installing vera plus installation instructions?
JohnB 28 Jun 2016
BEST ANSWER: I don't remember exactly but there is a card in the box and you register your details on their site and it walks you through setup. Adding devices is easy. I have 3 flood detectors door sensor and some dimmers. All easily added. I only have basic logic setup like at dark turn on lights, if flood send email. Beware registration process asks too many personal questions imho. Overall happy with this, my first attempt at home automation
hi my vera geolocation knows I've left home but doesn't switch to away. Any ideas why it stays in home mode? Thanks Mark
Guest Visitor 29 May 2016
BEST ANSWER: Have you written a script to tell the system to set it's status to "away"? Whilst it may know you are away (geofence), it doesn't necessarily know what you want it to do with that information. Ensure you have a script enabled which effectively says when geofencing registers your mobile device as away, that you switch status to away, and then run whatever other scripts you have, such as lower heating, lock doors etc.
Does vera work with LFIX bulbs?
Guest Visitor 25 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi I do not know, as I don't have these, but I do have Philips hue which do work with the appropriate plug-in.
Can this use LUA in scenes in a similar way to Fibaro's HC2?
Guest Visitor 21 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes. The VERA controllers have full LUA support. They also have a large range of plugins for other systems such as Sonos, Hue, Nest etc. This guide may help you -
Will it support heatmister?
Dips13 9 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: There is plugin for VERA that has been developed by the community that allows it to work with Heatmiser Neo products. We don't have much information on this as it is a plugin for products we don't sell. You can get more information on the VERA forum.
Having problems with Vera Plus initial setup, controller cannot be found yet it appears to be functioning - any ideas?
Austin W. 7 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: I had this too. If you contact support they ssh into it and delete some files and reprovision the firmware and then it worked.
Hi, I have been looking between this and the Teldus devices. Just wondering in terms of lighting is it possible to use sunset and possibly an offset such as 10mins after sunset to control when lighting events happen? I know this can be done with the Teldus devices but im not sure with the Vera Plus. Can anyone who has this shed any light on this please?
Simon H. 1 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes. The VERA controllers have very flexible Sunset/Sunrise scheduling. You can add plus or minus offsets to both of them. We have application guides showing how to do this.
Hi, does the Vera plus support lightwave devices switches and plugs ? Thanks
Marky 1 Apr 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it does when used with the RFXtrx433E adapter as shown in this guide -
Would the Vera Plus be able to talk to and control a Smart Energy Meter like the ones offered By SSE? Seems they are Zigbee devices.
Colin W. 16 Mar 2016
BEST ANSWER: It depends on what ZigBee profile the Energy Meters use.. The VERA (like all controllers) uses the ZigBee Home Automation profile. My guess is that SSE would use a different profile as they would not want people being able to access or interfere with it.
Anyone know when vera secure will be available in the UK and how much will it cost?
Guest Visitor 13 Mar 2016
BEST ANSWER: The last information we received was that it would be released towards the end of this year. We don't have any other information at this stage. We will announce this on our blog as soon as we have information.
I have an edge and want to migrate the configuration including zwave, What do I need to do?
Gary C. 27 Feb 2016
BEST ANSWER: For Technical Support it's best to raise a Technical Support request using one of the following methods: 1) Clicking on the "Support" link at the top of any page of the Vesternet web site 2) Completing the form at 3) Emailing One of our Technical Support team members will be glad to assist you further!
Can one transfer a Vera Edge setup directly to a Vera Plus ?
Ian B. 20 Feb 2016
BEST ANSWER: Confirmed I just did it today and a simple backup from one and a restore to the other does work fine. I got an error on network devices that were auto registered previously. I easily fixed by deleting those devices and rebooting. Note that network devices are not so easily shown in the interface but the error will give you the device number. So to delete you can do the following: http://{yourdeviceip}:3480/data_request?id=device&action=delete&device={deviceid}
Can I connect 2 x Vera Plus hubs but have one interface (more than 220 devices to monitor/control)?
Guest Visitor 16 Feb 2016
BEST ANSWER: It depends on what you mean by "interface"? The official Vera App for example can control multiple Vera controllers - you simply select each one individually and then control it. To switch to a different Vera you return to the initial selection screen and select a different unit to control. 3rd party Apps (such as Imperihome) allow you create your own control screens with different devices from multiple different controllers - so you could bring together devices from several Vera, Fibaro & Zipato controllers for example. Vera also supports the concept of "bridging" where you can connect multiple Vera together - each Vera implements it's own separate Z-Wave network and they communicate with each other using UPnP over the local network. Each Vera can then see / use / react to devices on the opposite controller. This is complicated to implement though and has been somewhat flaky in recent firmware versions - at this stage we're not sure Plus will support this anyway. I can't imagine many situations where you would actually need a Z-Wave network with more than 220 devices though!
I have veralite can I slave the my existing unit to VeraPlus ?
Johnmcc 2 Feb 2016
BEST ANSWER: We would expect VERA Plus to support the 'Bridge' feature the same as other VERA controllers have.
Will it be possible to control Philips Hue bulbs without a Philips Hue Gateway (given that Hue uses Zigbee)?
Tobias K. 20 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: This will depend on which ZigBee profiles VERA have supported. Philips Hue uses a less popular ZigBee profile, not the Home Automation profile. But as Hue is one of the most popular ZigBee devices available, I would hope VERA have supported that. Until it is finally released we won't have any more information about specifics like that. Having said that, controlling Hue via the Hue bridge is very easy, I do it at home, and works very well with an older VERA.
Is it possible to connect the RFXtrx433E USB to it (like the Vera Edge)?
digimate 19 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: We'd expect this to work just like VERA Edge, it will use the same RFX Plugin as that has already been updated to UI7. You've connect RFX to the USB port, install the plugin and that will then work.
Can this device be used to control Heatmiser NeoStats?
Danny M. 18 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: There is a plugin created by the VERA community that allows VERA to work with some Heatmiser thermostats. You would need to check if that plugin works with your devices and if it is fully released for UI7.
Can you say more why internet access is required if no remote access or remote data storage is needed?
Guest Visitor 18 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: All Z-Wave controllers need some level of access to the Internet and the vendor's servers. Even though VERA controllers effectively run in a stand-alone mode, they still need occasional access to the the servers for firmware updates, remote access, time checks and backups.
Is the optional power supply needed to make it work? Isn't this just something that plugs into the mains?
Matt R. 18 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: The VERA includes a European power supply. However, we include a free of charge UK adapter, allowing you to use it with UK style wall plugs - you will see that as an option on the product page and is the default option. Some people want to have a UK power supply (with a UK plug), for that reason we offer the optional UK power supply. You do not need to order the UK power supply, just select the free UK adapter and you have everything you need.
How can this improve/work with Lightwaverf?
Matt R. 18 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: You would use it with the RFXtrx433E, just as you do with the VERA Edge, this is easy to configure and use -
How will be different to the new Almond 3 that is due out soon?
Javed R. 18 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: We don't have an specific details of Almond 3, so can't comment on that. Although VERA has a large community and hundreds of 3rd party apps already developed, which the VERA Plus will also be able to use.
Does this allow local control without an internet connection?
Guest Visitor 18 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: To an extent. We expect this to work in a very similar manner to VERA Edge as they both run UI7. All logic and operations are run locally on the unit. However, you do need to have the VERA connected to the Internet as it communicates with the VERA servers on a regular basis.
What is the z wave frequency?
Mohammed S. 18 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: This is European Z-Wave frequency (868MHz). All Z-Wave products sold by Vesternet are European frequency -
What the main differences vs. the Edge?
Guest Visitor 18 Jan 2016
BEST ANSWER: I received my Vera Plus just yesterday and on the box it say's it now support 1500 boxes not 220. A huge amount more.... The box is physically almost double in size vs the Vera Edge which I was a little surprised with but not an issue. Migrating from Vera Edge to Vera Plus was quite easy using a simple backup from one and restore to the other however I did have some network devices previously listed that caused an odd error but all I needed to do was delete them and reboot. Yet to test out the Bluetooth or ZigBee functionality as I don't have devices that use that protocol. Performance I would say is a little quicker when using the web interface but yet to see if the performance helps with anything else. Still think it is a shame that they only have one USB port but adding a hub works fine. Overall I think a good step forward from Vera.