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Zipato - All in One Home Automation System

Zipato Home Automation

Zipato is the next generation home automation solution, providing complete control of your home's lighting, heating, energy and security systems. You can remotely control any aspect of your home automation system, and Zipato always keeps you informed of anything happening at home. It automatically monitors your home and sends you alerts if anything is wrong such as a leak, flood or break-in.

Comfort and Convenience

With Zipato you can remotely control and automate lighting, heating, air-conditioning, blinds, home appliances, home entertainment..., in fact almost anything in your home. You can easily automate your home to save energy and become more comfortable.

Zipato Scenes and timers


Combine several commands into one button so that you can create the exact mood or environment with a single button press.
For example, a “Welcome Home” scene can create the exact environment with evening lighting, floor heating, music and blinds all adjusted to your desired settings.
Tie that scene to the “Alarm Disarming” event and your home is just how you want it when you come home, and you don't even have to press a button.

Schedules and Timers

Any series of commands can be easily programmed with a timer function. You can decide when those events will be run.
An “Evening Lighting” home timer might lower the blinds, adjust the floor heating and turn on the garden and entry lighting. You can adjust this timer to run at 4.30pm in winter and 7.00pm in summer. Or simply set the timer to a given time before sunset so the timer automatically follows the seasons.

Lighting and Climate Control

  • Hands-free lighting when you enter a dark hallway - motion sensors turn lights on/off
  • Turn the whole house off in one touch with a "Good Night" scene
  • Program your lights to turn off automatically when a room is unoccupied
  • Set your lights to a maximum level of 80% - your eyes won't notice the difference but your utility bill will
  • Zipato provides the easiest and most advanced way to control heating, cooling and humidity for every room in your home.

Zipato Lighting and Climate Control

ZipaBox - the heart of your system

Zipabox is a next-generation home automation controller that lets you take control of all your home's electronics. It easily interfaces to your Z-Wave network enabling you to configure and control all your Z-Wave devices. Zipabox is a sophisticated central Z-Wave gateway controller allowing you to control all aspects of your home automation system and connect to the Internet via your Wi-Fi router.

Zipabox - the heart of the system

Backup Module ZIPABOX Expansion Modules
  • Battery Power (24hr)
  • USB for 3G connection
  • Shock Sensor
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Z-Wave Wireless Support
  • Main System Controller
  • Expand system capabilities
  • New Technologies coming soon
  • ZigBee, Insteon and more

Technology Independent

Zipato is not just limited to one home automation technology, instead it can be expanded to support the most common technologies of today and tomorrow.

Out of the box, Zipabox supports Z-Wave, this can be extended by using add-on modules to support ZigBee and other technologies in the future.


Zipato Mega Review

Extra Information

Zipato Application Notes


Adding Devices to Zipato Controller

Meet the Zipato Rule Creator

Using the Rule Crreator to control a Motion Activated Light

We stock the complete Zipato range, ensuring fast delivery, and our sales and support staff are fully trained to enable you to select the best Zipato product for your application.


Vesternet is Europe’s leading home automation specialist. Whatever your needs, you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for in our range of Z-Wave, ZigBee, LightwaveRF and INSTEON home automation products.

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