New Z-Wave Guide: How to choose a Z-Wave Sensor

Regular readers are probably wondering what we’re up to recently given how quiet we’ve been here. We’ve been working hard and have big news coming but at the same time we’re still here to help our Customers with our excellent guides. Checkout the new How to Choose a Z-Wave Sensor guide we just released.

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FINAL Summer Sale!!

Biggest Sales Day of the Year is almost here....Its been a fantastically popular summer sale event this year - with more products than ever.But now its almost over - yet time for one final swan song.   Because this Monday is set to be the biggest one day smart home sale of the year...With EVERY PRODUCT across the whole of the summer on sale for one last time

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Vesternet Mondays 2018

Vesternet Mondays 2018...Throughout the summer we'll be running a series of Spectacular One-day Only flash sale events - starting Monday 11th June!Pull yourself away from the summer sun for a short time when announced to save yourself a fortune on all the very latest kit for your smart home. Vesternet Mondays give you some spectacular bargain...

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Vesternet v2.0

Been a while since our last blog but we've been really busy at work on Vesternet version 2.0 If we have to explain all the new features then we've not done a good job, so please browse the site and let us know what you think. 
You can start here with a summary of our thinking about solving the compatibility problem: 
We're improving things weekly at present with lots to come, but this is our biggest site update in 6 years so hope you like it. Please send comments (good or bad - please be honest...) to:

Black Friday Sale

Today we launch our Black Friday 2017 Sale - with massive discounts across a range of popular smart home products - check out what's on offer here:  ...

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Eutonomy euFIX Fibaro Module DIN Rail Adapters now available!

It's not often that we get excited by what could be considered a "dumb" device, but the Eutonomy euFIX Fibaro Module DIN rail Adapters are probably the smartest dumb device you'll ever lay your eyes on!First of all, what does a "DIN rail Adapter" do?  Well. the DIN mounting system has been around for years and if you're familiar with how a r...

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Release your INNR lighting designer

At Vesternet we're always on the lookout for new product ranges and we test many, many products every year to see which devices will enhance our Smart Home systems.We're therefore pleased to announce that we've recently added the Innr Lighting range to the site after having had the products on our test systems for the past few months!We'll be...

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New Z-Wave device round up - Fibaro CO Sensor, Fibaro Door / Window Sensor 2, Aeotec Wallmote, Philio Motion Sensor and Aeotec LED Strip

With the nights drawing in and a definite chill in the air it seems that the UK Summer is already a fading memory :-(As we move into Autumn and we all start to look at all those Smart Home projects that have been put on the back burner while our attention was focused on sunshine and holidays, we thought we'd take a look at some of the recent r...

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