Fibaro Motion Sensor working with VERA

Fibaro Motion SensorSince launching the Fibaro Motions Sensor we've found some incompatibilities with VERA, however, we're happy to report this is now fixed.

Fibaro has released a v2.6 version of the Motion Sensor that has improved compatibility with 3rd party controllers.

We've tested it and can confirm that the v2.6 works great with VERA, but you need to be careful which firmware you use.

  • v2.6 works with UI5 (1.5.672 beta)
  • v2.6 works with UI6
  • v2.4 (original) - does not work with any version of VERA firmware

We only have v2.6 in stock, so you're safe to order from Vesternet and know that you're getting the latest version.

Full details are in our Knowledgebase article - VERA and Fibaro Motion Sensor Compatibility

The Motion Sensor is in stock, but since we announced this on the VERA forum yesterday, orders have been flying in, so order yours now!