Athom Homey REVIEW - One Home Automation Controller to RULE THEM ALL!

Some time ago now we added the Athom Homey Home Automation Controller to the site and on paper this spherical wonder certainly appeared to tick a lot of boxes!We've had a couple of months now with Homey and been testing it in the background so we thought it was about time to give our thoughts on whether it meets those lofty design goals and ...

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Panasonic Nubo Cam REVIEW - Go Anywhere Video Monitoring!

Hoooooooooooooow much?!?!?We can't remember the last time that we reacted so incredulously to the price of a device but with the new Panasonic Nubo Cam we were genuinely shocked!Once our blood pressure returned to normal though and we spent a month or so testing Nubo Cam we discovered that it's actually a very capable, high quality dev...

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IFTTT, or "If This Then That" to give it its' full name, is a web based ("Cloud") service that allows you to create simple logic between other Cloud services (called "Channels").Manufacturers can join the IFTTT developer program, add a Channel for their device and then create "Triggers" and "Actions" for their Channel.   End-users can then l...

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