Things can only get BIGGER!

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) will expand to over 850 million units per annum by 2016, experiencing a compound annual growth rate of over 60% from 2010 to 2016.  While growth is led by advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) equipment, significant uptake is expected in home automation, home entertainment, medical, and others.

ZigBee is the most widely-used wireless technology, accounting for 40% of total shipments in 2012 and growing to over 50% by 2015.  The Zigbee Alliance, the industry body is driving the bulk of the push, getting more and more into wireless.

As Zigbee grows in its key markets and expands into new areas, it is inevitable it will meet increasing competition as other technologies also continue to develop.  Bluetooth is the one for Zigbee to beat, but Zigbee may be the newer kid on the block, but he won’t be scared off by the big boys!