VERA Edge Controller Released

VERA have just released their new controller - VERA Edge and we will have first stock within 10 days." width="570" height="300" />

The new controller is not really a surprise, back in January 2013, VERA announced plans for the VERA Pro controller, but nothing ever became of that. Now they've finally released the VERA Edge.


The new VERA Edge Z-Wave Controller combines the best parts of the current VERA3 and VERA Lite controllers. We expect it to replace both of these controllers very soon." width="500" height="391" />

Firstly, it's more powerful than either of the predecessors. It has a faster processor and lots more memory that allow it to easily control up to 220 Z-Wave devices on a single system. That's close enough to the maximum number of nodes allowed on a Z-Wave system to satisfy even the most demanding home automation user. It also includes a a Wi-Fi router inherited from VERA, although it only has one Ethernet and one USB port." width="500" height="230" />

Interestingly, it also features the new 500-series Z-Wave chip. This means that VERA Edge is the first main-stream Z-Wave Plus controller. Z-Wave Plus offers a lot of new features including increased range, extended battery life and Over The Air upgrading (OTA). Take a look at our What is Z-Wave Plus guide for more information.


Continuing VERA's introduction of UI7 earlier this year, it's no surprise that the Edge ships with UI7 and, as far as we can see, there's no way to downgrade it to the more stable UI5. So, as UI7 is the only firmware available on the VERA Edge, we're hoping that the bugs and issues that have been part of this UI will be quickly resolved." width="500" height="311" />


The VERA Edge does combine the best from the current VERA controllers and wraps them in a very small package, add to that its better performance and support for Z-Wave Plus and this will be a good controller for almost any Z-Wave enthusiast - new comer or old timer alike.


FeatureVERA EdgeVERA LiteVERA3
Max. Number of Devices22075200
Z-Wave VersionZ-Wave Plus(500 Series)Z-Wave(300 Series)Z-Wave(300 Series)
GUI / User InterfaceUI7UI5UI5
Memory (Flash)128MB32MB32MB
Memory (RAM)128MB64MB128MB
USB Slots112
Wi-Fi Router-
Dimensions (HxWxD)116 x 80 x 31mm116 x 95 x 44mm177 x 130 x 34mm
External Power Supply12V DC(European Plug)12V DC(European Plug)12V DC(European Plug)
BatteriesTBD4x AA batteries (included)External recharegable battery pack


The VERA Edge, although perhaps a long time coming is shipping real soon. We'll have first stock around the 8th of December. We expect demand to be high, so we'd recommend you placing your back-order now so we ship to you as soon as the first batch arrives. We also expect the next batches of VERA3 and VERA Lite to be the last - VERA Edge will become the only VERA controller available - so if you waiting for a VERA3 or VERA LIte, I'd suggest you place your order very quickly." width="448" height="111" />

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