Vesternet Forum Consolidated

As Vesternet continues to grow, we regularly look at areas we can improve.

Since we began, we've had a forum where you could post questions about products and support. However, over the last year we've introduced better ways for you to communicate with us and get the information you need.

The Vesternet Help Desk has been a great success. It gives you a ticketed request system, so you know that no matter what your question is, you'll get a quick reply - usually within a couple of hours. We've also introduced other ways for you to talk to us including Live Chat, email, phone and active communities on Facebook and Twitter.

With these new channels, we've seen the forum become less and less used, so over the weekend we've archived the forum. It's still there, so all the old posts and threads are still available. But new requests and queries should be directed to the Vesternet Help Desk.

This makes a lot of sense, as we can now consolidate our sales and technical support into one channel and you also have the other channels to contact us:

Our aim is to always to make Vesternet the easiest to use and best home automation site in the world.

See you soon.