Vesternet v2.0

Been a while since our last blog but we've been really busy at work on Vesternet version 2.0 If we have to explain all the new features then we've not done a good job, so please browse the site and let us know what you think. 
You can start here with a summary of our thinking about solving the compatibility problem: 
We're improving things weekly at present with lots to come, but this is our biggest site update in 6 years so hope you like it. Please send comments (good or bad - please be honest...) to:

Vesternet Mondays 2017

Vesternet Mondays 2017...Throughout the summer we'll be running a series of Spectacular One-day Only flash sale events - starting Monday 26th June!Pull yourself away from the summer sun for a short time when announced to save yourself a fortune on all the very latest kit for your smart home.Vesternet Mondays give you some spectacular bargain...

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Fancy a Free Controller?

Calling all experienced smart home techies... We have an exciting new (invite only) initiative launching, and YOU could be part of it.Would you like a FREE home automation controller (7 different choices available!)?  Well we have a pile of them sitting here ready to go out to the right team of Vesternet testers.No strings or small prin...

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Compatibility done right... This Changes Everything!

 Its been almost six months since we last posted about website changes happening behind the scenes.  In March it was changes to the navigation, but today I'm pleased to announce the launch of a project much bigger... Compatibility version 2.(First, just for a reference point - we've published this short KB to define just what we mean by ...

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Price Increases

Price IncreasesIt's not very often that we have to increase prices. However, following due to the devaluation of the Pound following the BREXIT result we have no option but to increase prices. These new prices will be come into place on 1st August.General Price IncreasesSome vendors, where we buy locally in Pounds, are increasing their prices ...

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Vesternet Mondays Summer Promotions!

Vesternet Mondays are back for Summer 2016!Each Monday, through July and August, we'll have a Spectacular One-day Only sale event - starting Monday 27th June!The summer months can be a bit distracting for us home automation enthusiasts. Nice weather (in theory), gardening, BBQs, holidays, all of these keep us from making our home smarter - and...

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Vesternet End of Winter Blow-Out - 15% Savings

End of Winter Blow-Out Sale - Save up to 15%!We don't have many sales at Vesternet. But the Winter's been long and Spring's only just now taking hold. So we thought we'd hold a huge sale to kickstart your new home automation projects. Whether you're installing smart lights, updating your power control or irrigating your garden, we have the pro...

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We've been busy: Important site update

Its not often we blog about changes to the site design, we normally just roll out new features as they're developed.But alot of work has been going on behind the scenes and over the coming months you'll see some big changes mixed with some real innovations which have been in the works for over a year.But today I want to share a big change arou...

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