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AT&T ventures into Home Automation market

Launched at the New Orleans spring edition of the mobile phone CTIA exhibition, AT&T initiated the new product demonstrations with its new Digital Life home automation and security system this week.

A&T want to make it cheap and easy for consumers to control their lights, thermostat and door locks remotely, as well as monitor what’s going on in the home via customisable iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7.5 apps.

AT&T, USA would like to take the complexity and expense out of home automation by going to the customer’s home and installing all the necessary components.  I’m unsure if they will extend this gesture to folks in the UK, as there is no word on when the system will roll out nationally, let alone internationally.  The other potential restriction is that consumers would have to buy AT&T’s own branded components, not off the shelf Z-Wave modules.

AT&T is starting out with seven applications but it isn’t just content selling smart home service, it wants to compete with iControl and other platform providers in connected home management.  AT&T takes on Barcelona, Dallas, the world!

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