Bargain - £70 off VERA3

For a limited time we're offering £70 (35%) off the VERA3 Z-Wave Controller, when you purchase it together with some other Vesternet products.

This means you can get the VERA3 at the same price as the VERA Lite!!!" width="500" height="286" />

The VERA Lite is going to be out of stock everywhere for a good few weeks. This is an important controller and we don’t want it to hold you up building your new smart home system. So we’ve worked a bit of magic and are offering the Lite’s big brother, the VERA3 (normally £199) for the same price as the Lite (£129). So a £70 (over 1/3) saving off the regular price of the VERA3.

To qualify for this offer you need to add a few products to your cart for a value of £300 or more, including the VERA3. Then go to checkout and enter the Discount Code VERA-3-129 to get your £70 off.

Note: This offer ended in March.

Take a look at VERA3 vs VERA Lite to see what a bargain you're getting.

How to choose between VERA Lite and VERA 3

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