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Brand New Products to Control your Lighting


Launched today, the new Astral Motion Detector and the Astral Plug Through Switch, both designed to enhance your Z Wave Network.  The Astral Motion Detector is ideal for saving electrical energy both at home and at work, by switching on the lights ONLY when it detects movement.  Likewise, it turns the lights off when no movement occurs or after a set time of between 5 seconds and 12 minutes.  That’s up to you!

The NEW Astral Plug Through Switch has been stylistically designed to suit the home and is compatible with the Astral Motion Detector.  It can be used to plug in stands or table lamps, and is suitable for GLS, Incandescent, Tungsten Filament and Mains Halogen lighting.  As both products are totally compatible with other Z Wave products, the options are limitless and you conserve energy at the same time.  Find out more here about the Astral Motion Detector, and click here for the Astral Plug Through Switch.
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