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Customer Case Studies - Updated

Our Customer Case Studies section has proven extremely popular - so much so that we're still working our way through a back-log of submissions!

Case Studies are a great way of seeing how other people have used Home Automation to implement their Smart Home dreams. They're all from real people so you can be sure that you don't need to be a rocket scientist to implement any of the ideas!

Last month we added Monika Bedi - she has one of the most fully featured Home Automation systems we’ve ever seen. It is a testament to her planning and foresight as to how well it all integrates. Her use of the Fibaro Home Center 2 to bring all the components together give her and her family an incredible amount of comfort and convenience.

This month it's the turn of Gavin de Boos - voice control and integration with Logitech SqueezeBoxes for music playback and XBMC for watching movies show just how flexible and versatile the MiCasaVerde Vera Lite controller really is!  It really does amaze us how much Vera can be expanded through the use of "Plugins" to enhance so many areas of your Smart Home!

As always, we believe in going the extra mile - giving you the information you need to bring your smart home to life.

The Case Studies are the latest addition to our huge library of resources that help you turn your dream in to reality and make Vesternet the worlds's leading home automation shop.



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If you've got a great case study, then let us know -


See you soon.


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