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Fibaro Launch New Z-Wave LED RGBW Controller

Fibaro has launched a new Z-Wave RGBW LED controller.

Fibaro Z-Wave LED RGBW Controller

This new controller can be used to control three and four colour LED lights through its four dimmer channels. It also has four analog input channels supporting a variety of sensors, switches and potentiometers.

RGBW Control

Infinite choice of colour possibilities from your LED lighting - choose the colour to match your mood.

Analog Sensors

Four analog sensor inputs for switches, humidity, light, and temperature sensors - the list's endless

4-Channel Dimmer (12/24 LEDs)

The only wireless dimmer that enables you to control four independent channels of 12/24V LED light sources without any modifications.

Power Monitoring

The RGBW Controller allows you to monitor the energy consumed by the LED strips.


The Fibaro RGBW Controller will be available by the middle of July, you can pre-order them now by contacting Vesternet sales at



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