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Fibaro Relays - New Versions Available

Fibaro have just introduced new versions of their ever-popular Z-Wave relay switches to replace the old versions.

The Fibaro 1x2.5Kw (FGS-212) replaces the 1x3Kw (FGS211) and the Fibaro Dual 2x1.5Kw (FGS-222) replaces the previous 2x1.5Kw (FGS221).

What's new?

Surprisingly for new Fibaro devices, there are no new features on the devices. The main work has been around the connectors and the internal circuit board.

The connectors have been beefed up so that they can accommodate larger or multiple cables, this was always an issue on the older versions. This does mean that the case size is now a little thicker at 20mm - Fibaro have used a curved case so 20mm is the thicker end of the case. The PCB changes are hidden from view, but we believe this has been a minor change to increase separation between 230V and low-voltage sections. We think this has been made to enable the relays to adhere to updated requirements in Sweden and Germany.

The other main change is that the relays have had their overall maximum load rating reduced to 10A.

Fibaro 1x2.5Kw Relay Switch

  • Single relay switch contacts
  • Maximum load: 10A
  • Dry contacts for switching alternative voltages
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 37 x 20mm

Fibaro 2x1.5Kw Relay Switch

  • Dual relay switch contacts - independent control
  • Maximum load per channel: 6.5A (1.5Kw)
  • Maximum total load: 10A
  • Dry contacts for switching alternative voltages
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 37 x 20mm

In Stock Now!

The Fibaro 1x2.5Kw (FGS-212) and Fibaro Dual 2x1.5Kw (FGS-222) are both in stock ready to order now. These have replaced the previous versions, which have now sold out - we will only have stock of the new versions.

Video shows new Fibaro relay on left

Speak to you soon.

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