Global Cache iTach Range at Vesternet

We've just added the range of iTach IR Blasters from Global cache, including the award winning iTach Flex." width="178" height="178" />The iTach range enables you to easily control any Infra-Red (IR) appliance via your home's IP network (Ethernet or Wi-Fi). Appliances such as TVs, DVD/Blu-Ray and Amplifiers can all be controlled from your Z-Wave network controller. This means you can position the iTach anywhere you need it and then control it from your Fibaro HC2, VERA, Indigo or any Z-Wave controller.

Now you can integrate all your AV or other IR controlled d evices into your Z-Wave network.

The star of the range is the award winning iTach Flex.

This tiny device, no larger than a USB stick, can connect to your network and control whatever IR devices you like.

The iTach Flex is available in two versions:

The great thing is that you can choose different 'Flex Link' cables to enable it to connect to different appliances, choose from an IR Blaster, IR Emitter, or a tri-port cable to use multiple IR emitters/blasters.

Finishing off the range are the more traditional iTachTCP/IP to IR and iTach Wi-Fi to IR  blasters.

Take a look at the full iTach range at Vesternet.

We will have stock of all the iTach products within the next week or so, or you can pre-order by contacting Vesternet Sales.


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