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LightwaveRF Plus range announced

LightwaveRF have announced the new LightwaveRF Plus range of accessories to complement the LightwaveRF smart dimmers and sockets.

First things first - don't get too excited, these aren't the first in the range of new devices sporting LightwaveRF wireless super powers. In fact they are quite the opposite. The LightwaveRF Plus range are non-wireless accessories designed to be installed along-side the LightwaveRF wireless products enabling you to keep a common look and feel around the house.

Don't get me wrong - I think this is a great idea. We regularly have people asking if they can get non-wireless versions of the LightwaveRF products, so there is a definite need for the LightwaveRF Plus products.

The LightwaveRF Plus range is available in stainless steel, white and chrome, they are a perfect match to the LightwaveRF products, but are designed for those electric sockets in the home that do not require radio frequency control. This comprehensive range includes telecom and shaver sockets, fan isolator switches and much more.

We'll be adding the LightwaveRF Plus accessories to the site over the next couple of weeks and expect first batches to arrive during early March.


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