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New camera extends home security

In last week’s blog “Home Automation - Putting parents' minds at rest”, we talked about how parents are using home automation to ensure their children are safely home after school.

This was quite timely - on Thursday we introduced a new camera that’s designed for home security and peace of mind.

The Micasaverde VistaCam is a compact IP camera that can be easily installed using wired or wireless technology. It can be used with a home gateway to be triggered by motion detectors and send email alerts or streaming video straight to your smartphone or computer.

What sets this camera apart is its ability to record the video streams (using Micasaverde’s servers). This gives you a record of all activity in your home, you can check the kids did their homework, and in the unfortunate event of a break-in it can be used as evidence.

These are exactly the types of things we highlighted last week.

Home automation continues to make great strides to make our daily lives easier and also increase security for our home and family. The range of products is expanding and with lower price points it’s becoming an affordable reality for thousands of homeowners and parents.

Take a look at the new VistaCam; along with our complete range of Z-Wave, ZigBee, and LightwaveRF home automation products.

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