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New Fibaro Wall Plug

This new wall plug could possible be the 'Ultimate' Z-Wave Wall plug.

As you'd expect the Fibaro Wall Plug connects between any appliance and the wall socket, enabling you to control the appliance via Z-Wave.

But that's only part of the story!

Power Monitoring

It also monitors power usage by displaying varying colours on its large crystal LED ring, just a quick glance tells you if you're using minimum power (blue) or lots of power (violet). It can even send an alert if the power consumption goes above a preset limit.

Energy Management

At the same time the plug can provide real-time reports of how much energy you've used across days, week,s months and even years.

Z-Wave Range Tester

The wall plug also works as a Z-Wave range tester letting you test the network coverage anywhere in you home.

For a full run down of these features, we've put together a quick video:

The Fibaro Wall Plug will start shipping at the end of this week (1st March). If you can't wait and would like to reserve one before then, send us an email at

See you next week.


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