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New - Getting Started Section

We often get questions about how to choose the best technology or simply what are the basic (non technical) differences between the home automation technologies.

It's understandable.

What are the differences between Z-Wave, LightwaveRF and INSTEON and how do they affect your home network?


Getting Started

To help, we've introduced the GETTING STARTED section. This takes a high level, unbiased view of the technologies offered by Vesternet and gives you suggestions on which will be better for your application.

Getting Started 

Feature Comparison

Reading about each technology only gives you half the picture, so we've also created a FEATURE COMPARISON page which shows you all the features of each technology in an easy to read table. Making it really easy to see which range has the features that you need.

We're expanding the site to provide a huge range of resources helping you choose the right products. Each week we add new pages to the Resource section and new ones will include Scenarios, Installation Guides, and 'How to' Guides.


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