Popp Z-Wave Sockets - Released

Popp sockets at VesternetWe've just added the Popp range of Z-Wave On/Off and Dimmer sockets.

These plug-in sockets may look like other Z-Wave sockets, but there's much more to these sockets than meets the eye.

German Quality at Vesternet price

The Popp On/Off and Dimmer sockets are designed in Germany to be the highest quality available - quality you can depend on.

Feature Packed

The Popp sockets are packed with features that aren't available in other Z-Wave sockets.

Take a look at what's included in the Dimmer

  • Supports all lamp types including dimmable LEDs and CFLs
  • Configuration parameters enable the dimmer to be 'tuned' to your LEDs
  • Programmable Max/Min dim levels
  • Programmable dim rates
  • Automatic Light-Off
  • Baby Dim function - dims from one level to another during a defined period

That's a lot of functions in one Dimmer socket - and the On/Off socket is just as feature packed.

The Popp sockets are available in UK, Schuko and French/Belgium styles, we'll have stock of all the Popp sockets later this week or you can pre-order now by contacting Vesternet Sales.

You can also take a look at all the new products we've added to Vesternet over the last month.

See you soon.



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