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Wiring Diagrams Updated

Regular readers will recall that we launched a new Wiring Diagrams section on the Vesternet web site a few months ago.Since then we've been working hard to add more diagrams, but it's a really time consuming process!  So far we've created somewhere in the region of 200 diagrams spanning over 30 pages !We're slowly getting there though and ha...
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New Z-Wave device round up - Fibaro CO Sensor, Fibaro Door / Window Sensor 2, Aeotec Wallmote, Philio Motion Sensor and Aeotec LED Strip

With the nights drawing in and a definite chill in the air it seems that the UK Summer is already a fading memory :-(As we move into Autumn and we all start to look at all those Smart Home projects that have been put on the back burner while our attention was focused on sunshine and holidays, we thought we'd take a look at some of the recent r...
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Z-Wave Sensor Review - Why should Beauty be in the eye of the beholder?

Find me some beautiful sensors!In this article, our guest writer Paul Ockenden is going to compare some Z-Wave door and window sensors - but from a slightly unusual angle!Over to Paul then, where it all started when someone asked him .... “Why do so many of the Home Automation devices on the market just look like horrible unattractive ...
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Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6 - Gen5 - UK: FINALLY IN STOCK

Quick update that the extremely popular Aeon Labs Smart Switch 6 - Gen5 - UK socket is now finally back in stock.We received a new batch this week and still have about half those left and ready to ship today.Next batch is arriving early next week and so if you don't catch any today, then just order anyway and they'll be reserved and shipped f...
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VERA Edge and Aeon MultiSensor 6

Since we launched the Aeon MultiSensor 6 a couple of weeks ago, we have identified an issue with it working in the VERA controllers.Some versions of the MultiSensor get stuck during the inclusion process and give a "Purging Associations" mes...
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Aeon 6-in-1 MultiSensor- First Stock at Vesternet

The new Aeon MultiSensor 6 6-in-1 sensor is now in stock and flying off the shelves. So if you're looking for a new Z-Wave multi-sensor take a look at this device - it's an awesome little device.Why is the Aeon 6-in-1 so good?Aeon have packed a lot into this device. The MultiSensor now has six sensors, but at the same time Aeon have reduced it...
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Aeon - New Z-Wave Products at Vesternet

If you've been watching the Vesternet site you'll have seen a number of new Aeon device have been added over the last few days.In fact Aeon have a flurry of new devices being released this summer and some other interesting ones plann...
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Vesternet Mondays (4th August) – 20% Savings

Vesternet Mondays - 4th AugustNext week's Vesternet Mondays sale features spectacular one-day savings of up to 20% on Fibaro, Aeon, RaZberry PI and StellaZ products. Fibaro Home Center 2 - Save £94.43 Fibaro Door/Window Sensors - Save £7.60 Fi...
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