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Vesternet Mondays (11th August) – 20% Savings

Vesternet Mondays - 11th AugustNext week's Vesternet Mondays sale features spectacular one-day savings of up to 20% on VERA, EZMotion, Fibaro, Popp and TKB.We've even introduced a special VERA + RFX starter kit so you can easily put together a Z-Wave and 433MHz system. VERA Lite - Save £24.51 VERA Lite + RFXtrx433E Starter Kit - Save £37.89 ...
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Vesternet Mondays (14th July) - 20% Savings

Vesternet Mondays - 14th JulyNext week's Vesternet Mondays sale features spectacular savings of up to 20% on Aeon, Everspring, EZMotion, Popp, TKB, and products. EZMotion 3-in-1 Sensor - Save £7.60 Everspring Motion Sensor (SP103) - S...
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New Popp On/Off Switch Meter - Now at Vesternet

There's an old British saying about scarce things being like buses - none available for a long time and then a fleet of them arrive.This is abit like Z-Wave Wall Plug Switch Meters for UK plug types.We recently launched the TKB TZ88, which at the time was the only UK style Switch Meter. And, now we are just launching the Popp Switch Meter.The ...
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Choosing a Z-Wave Wall Plug

We have quite a few Z-Wave Wall Plugs, and as we discussed in a recent post, these are our recommended way to Control Wall Sockets with Z-Wave.So the next question is - which one should you choose?TKB Wall PlugsIf you're looking for a good, solid, reliable socket - then the TKB On/Off Sockets and Dimmers are the ones we strongly recommend. The...
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