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Choosing the best VERA Controller

We often get asked which version of the VERA controller is better. This is slightly difficult to answer as the two versions, VERA Lite and VERA3, are aimed at different customers.Firstly, what are the differences between the two? The main ...
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Vesternet Mondays (8th July) - 20% Savings

We announced Vesternet Mondays in last week's blog.Now, we're announcing the products that'll be part of our first Vesternet Mondays event on Monday 8th July.Vesternet Mondays - 8th JulyFor the first Vesternet Mondays event we're o...
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Reading VERA Timestamps

Have you ever wondered what the timestamps in VERA stand for and how you could decode them into meaningful times and dates?This week I was working on a guide and needed to know when the Z-Wave device (Aeon MultiSensor) was last updated with configuration changes. I'd looked at the VERA timestamps previously and spent a few minutes trying to se...
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Setting Time and Date in VERA

During the last week I've been asked twice how to set the time in the VERA Z-Wave Controller.I can understand the question as it's not obvious... until you understand that VERA gets it's time and date information from the MicasaVerde server.So all it really needs is to know is where in the world you are.As soon as you understand this, looking...
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