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Bluetooth Low Energy in Health

Really interesting article about the future potential of Bluetooth Low Energy in healthcare: standard technologies really do drive adoption much more than proprietary systems mainly due to manufacturer interoperability.We look forward to help bring people...
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New Wireless Sensor Network shop

Today we've vastly expanded our website to encompass lots of other wireless technologies apart from just ZigBee.RFID, EnOcean, ANT+, Continua & Z-Wave are among the products we offer now.Please checkout the new site at
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Certified Home Automation products

We've had quite a few enquiries about availability of the recently announced ZigBee Home Automation products.Whilst the first 17 devices have been approved by the Alliance - many are not yet readily available for purchase from manufacturers.As soon as they are, we'll be the first place to stock - so please keep checking back.  Or add your nam...
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Worlds First ZigBee Shop Launches

Today Vesternet are officially launching the worlds first ZigBee eCommerce store.There's been a lot of momentum around ZigBee technology over the past 12 months with its main driver being the deployment of smart energy installations by utilities.We see big things ahead for ZigBee, and so want to provide one website where you can purchase all y...
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