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Staying Social with Vesternet

We like to keep you updated on what's happening at Vesternet. Not just new products but application notes, videos, tutorials... everything that we do to make your life easier.And it's not just a one-way channel.For instance we've been working with some of you on Facebook to create new content like the Z-Wave compatibility guide that's taking ...
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Zipato on VesternetTV

It's only a couple of week's since we launched VesternetTV, but already we have quite a few videos published. We've kept our promise of a least one new video every week.And looking at the viewing figures and your feedback, you really like the videos and content!The most recent videos have focused on the features and capabilities of the new Zi...
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VesternetTV on air now!

I'm really pleased to announce the new VesternetTV channel available now on YouTube.Videos are a great way for you to see how the products can be used and the step-by-step guides help you get your home automation network up and running even quicker - it's always easier when you can watch someone guiding you through the process.Currently there ...
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