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Dual purpose - new Aeon Labs USB Controller

Available now is a new simple USB device for your Z-Wave home network which will give you complete control of your home from your PC.The new Aeon Labs USB Controller doubles up as a push button controller which enables you to include and exclude devices in the network, as well as convey USB signals to a serial interface.The Aeon Labs USB Contr...
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Brand New Products to Control your Lighting

Launched today, the new Astral Motion Detector and the Astral Plug Through Switch, both designed to enhance your Z Wave Network.  The Astral Motion Detector is ideal for saving electrical ene...
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FortrezZ Water and Freeze Alarm - Available

Take a look at the new Z-Wave compatible FortrezZ Water and Freeze Alarm.  The sensor is designed to be installed in hidden areas of the home, e.g. pump sinks, corners of the washing machine, sounding an audible alar...
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New Z-Cloud App Support

Vesternet USB controller is now fully supported by the new web based management tool Z-Cloud.

Buy the USB Here.And use the Free tool Here....

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New VERA compatible Mini Camera

We've just begun to stock the brand new Apexis mini camera, which is fully tested and compatible with VERA.Really slim and small design which supports streaming video to catch intruders in action!...
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Z-Wave boost over ZigBee?

An interesting article from last week announced that US network Verizon is adopting Z-Wave into its new home energy management offering.Whilst utilities are adopting ZigBee Smart Energy, Z-Wave has certainly become the main wireless technology for general home automation including security and (very soon) remote controls replacing IR & 3D ...
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