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Nodon Z-Wave Controllers REVIEWED at Vesternet

Battery powered wall switches, wall controllers and remote controls have always had mixed reviews from the team at Vesternet.Some, for example the Aeon Minimote, turn out to be great devices that work well in the majorit...
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Aeon - New Z-Wave Products at Vesternet

If you've been watching the Vesternet site you'll have seen a number of new Aeon device have been added over the last few days.In fact Aeon have a flurry of new devices being released this summer and some other interesting ones plann...
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Awesome Qubino Z-Wave Range - Stock at Vesternet

We don't often announce a complete new range of products, but that's exactly what we're doing with the awesome Qubino modules. There's a lot in the Qubino range, not all the reasons why these are awesome immediately jump out, so it's worth taking a look at each device in detail. Get yourself a cup of coffee as this post is a bit of a long one,...
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VERA Edge - Fully Tested

If you've been following my recent blogs you will have seen the progress of VERA Edge. When released, VERA Edge was a bit of an ugly duckling. But with two firmware updates under its belt and our support guys spending a lot of time with it, it looks like VERA Edge is turning into a swan.Device Compatibility - Complete ResultsAs I said a couple...
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SwiidInter Cord Switch at Vesternet

Back in the Summer we started working with the French company Swiid while they finished the development of some exciting new Z-Wave devices. Since then we've been testing the devices and helping them to improve the features for our customers...
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Introducing the Netatmo range

This month we introduced the Netatmo range to you. For those of you unfamiliar with Netatmo, here is a quick run down on the products for you.The first device I want to talk about is the Netatmo Connected Weather Station. Now don't sit there thinking 'Why do I want something that tells me about the weather!', when you should be thinking 'W...
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