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Leading Meter Makers Adopt ZigBee

In a major boost to the growing popularity of the ZigBee standards, an announcement by three leading Smart Meter Manufacturers combined to announce their adoption of the open source standards and also back the ZigBee family of protocols for their next generation of Smart Meters for homes and offices. The aim cited by the companies was stated b...
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ZigBee & Wi-Fi

Just read that the next version of ZigBee Smart Energy will work over Wi-Fi - a certain fastrack to get the technology into millions of homes!
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ZigBee becoming Home Automation standard

In the past two days, both Control4 and HAI have made announcements their to support ZigBee Pro.This signals the move towards an elusive global Home Automation standard, with ZigBee (again) being used as the technology in yet another burgeoning market.Signs are looking good for ZigBee to pervade many new areas of the home in the coming years...
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ZigBee Market Traction

ZigBee is a new & rapidly emerging wireless standard which is soon to pervade all our lives by connecting billions of devices together in what many refer to as the 'Internet of Things".Whereas Bluetooth is suited for connecting devices such a phones to headsets, and Wi-Fi connects laptops to the internet; ZigBee is all about low-power, low...
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Worlds First ZigBee Shop Launches

Today Vesternet are officially launching the worlds first ZigBee eCommerce store.There's been a lot of momentum around ZigBee technology over the past 12 months with its main driver being the deployment of smart energy installations by utilities.We see big things ahead for ZigBee, and so want to provide one website where you can purchase all y...
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