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Technology Series (part 3) - Z-Wave Scenes

Z-Wave Groups and ScenesIn this week’s instalment of the Home Automation Technology Series, we’re going to look at the advantages of using Z-Wave Groups, Scenes & Associations and why they make Z-Wave such a powerful home automation technology.

With Z-Wave, you can operate individual devices and appliances such as lights, heating and window blinds, but you can also create “Groups”, “Scenes” and “Associatiations” enabling you to create a sophisticated system to automate the control of your home.

  • Groups - control a collection of individual devices as a single group. For instance they can all be turned On/Off by one button or action.
  • Scenes - enable a single button to send different commands to different devices. Making several different things happen at the same time.
  • Association - enables two devices to communicate directly without the need for a central controller.

Z-Waves’s Groups, Associations and Scenes make it easy for you to create a sophisticated home automation system that caters for your every need, without complex configuration and set up. Your home can easily resemble those homes you see in films or you thought were just imagined for the future.

Read the full Z-Wave Groups, Scenes and Associations article or take a look at our huge range of Z-Wave products.

See you next week.

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