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Technology Series (part 4) - Z-Wave Networks

Understanding Z-Wave Networks, Nodes and DevicesThis week we’re going to take a detailed look into the structure of Z-Wave home automation technology and how its advanced routing capabilities ensure your network devices are always able to communicate with each other.

The Z-Wave protocol comprises of three layers. The radio layer, network layer and application layer work together to create a robust and reliable network that enables numerous nodes and devices to communicate with each other simultaneously.

Z-Wave was been developed to meet the needs of modern home and building automation and includes a range of features that make it ideal for creating and managing sophisticated home automation networks:

  • Every Z-Wave device has a unique “Node ID” - enabling easy communication and no conflicts
  • Each Z-Wave network also has a unique “Home ID” - a building can have more than one independent Z-Wave networks
  • All messages across the Z-Wave network are acknowledged by the receiving device - no lost messages or commands
  • Devices are easily added (Included) into the Z-Wave network - allowing easy configuration and expansion
  • Mesh Routing - signals are routed via other network nodes if a direct connection is not available - the network always adapts to achieve maximum coverage and range

These features make Z-Wave one of the best solutions for adding automation to you home that can expand with your needs and ensures you always have a network that is ready to do exactly what you need, when you need it.

Read the full Understanding Z-Wave Networks, Nodes and Devices article or take a look at our huge range of Z-Wave products.

See you next week.

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