TKB UK Power Measuring Wall Plug - Now in Stock

TKB Power Measuring Wall Plug UK at VesternetWe've just received the first batch of the TKB TZ88 wall plug.

What's so special about this?

The TKB TZ88 is the only UK style Z-Wave wall plug capable of controlling any appliance and measuring its power consumption.

The TZ88 wall plug can:

  • Control the appliance On/Off
  • Measure voltage, current and power factor
  • Report instant power (W) and accumulated power (KWh) consumption

No need to use an adapter as this fits a standard UK wall socket and plug.

You can now control your appliances and see how much power they're using - making your home smarter and giving you the chance to cut your energy bills!

In Stock Today!

As with all new devices, stock is limited, so place your order today to get it for the Easter weekend.



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