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Vera 2 ships with New UI5

Our recent post announced Vera 3, and the limited availability of remaining Vera 2 stock.

In summary, Vera 3 is the same as Vera 2 but with more powerful hardware.

So until Vera 3 arrives in mass volume (est. Feb 2012), we've decided to bridge the gap...  From today, all Vera 2 orders will come with the new UI5 MiOS user interface pre-installed.  The result is you'll receive the same Vera 3 experience for almost £100 less.

That's because we've also discounted the last remaining Vera 2 stock to the UK's lowest price of £155.

This is value added service we've decided to offer in-house for Vesternet customers, and applies to new orders only.

Here's a snapshot of UI5 using a simple switch and a switch with metering. The dashboard looks much better and there are tabs for switches, heating, etc. The whole inclusion process is more logical now with UI5.

Very limited stock available, please order quickly.

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