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VERA Edge and Aeon MultiSensor 6

Since we launched the Aeon MultiSensor 6 a couple of weeks ago, we have identified an issue with it working in the VERA controllers.

Some versions of the MultiSensor get stuck during the inclusion process and give a "Purging Associations" message - the process gets stuck there and the device cannot be fully added to the system. This issue is only related to VERA, and no other controllers are affected.

We have worked together with Aeon and confirmed there are two firmware versions in shipping products - v1.02 (works fine in VERA) and v1.04 (purging associations issue). This explains why this issue does not affect everyone.

The basic issue is related to how VERA handles these new devices, the Aeon MultiSensor6 is a fully compliant Z-Wave Plus device and does not have issues with other controllers. Aeon have recently released a new v1.06 firmware version that optimised some Z-Wave functions and in the process it has also resolved the problem with VERA. The MultiSensor6 is a Z-Wave Plus device and can have its firmware wirelessly updated (OTA - "Over The Air"), however VERA does not yet support this.

If you are experiencing this issue with the MultiSensor6 and VERA please contact Vesternet Support we will be able to help you update your device.

At the same time, we have worked with Aeon to ensure that all new shipments have v1.06 firmware. This has resulted in a delay on new stock. So if you are waiting for an outstanding order for one of these devices, please bare with us as we ensure that all stock has the latest firmware.



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