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VERA Edge - Here and Selling Fast

The new VERA Edge Controllers are in stock and selling fast!

We announced the new VERA controller just over a week ago, since then we've had a a constant stream of enquires and pre-orders. So much so that the first batch that arrive late last night have almost sold out already!" width="570" height="300" />


The new VERA Edge Z-Wave Controller combines the best parts of the old VERA3 and VERA Lite controllers. It has more memory and a faster processor that allows it to easily control up to 220 Z-Wave devices on a single system.It also features the new 500-series Z-Wave chip - meaning it's the first main-stream Z-Wave Plus controller. Take a look at our What is Z-Wave Plus guide for more information.

Check out the original blog post for more information about the VERA Edge - VERA Edge Released.

The VERA Edge is selling fast, so get your order in before they're out of stock again!

UI7 and All That

The VERA Edge will only run UI7, so now that we have the first stock available, we've got our support experts working on it. They're working late tonight to figure out how VERA Edge works with current devices and how it's working with Scenes and some plug-ins. As soon as we ahave the results we'll publish them here - watch this space!

What About VERA Lite and VERA3

VERA didn't give us much notice about the VERA Edge launch, and it's been difficult to get updated information on the status of the older devices.

We can now confirm that both are discontinued.


VERA Lite is now discontinued, we've not had any stock for the last couple of weeks. We are unable to get any more stock.


VERA3 is discontinued, we're unable to get more stock, but we do have a VERY LIMITED number of VERA3 in stock. If you want to get the last VERA controller that can run UI5, then place your order NOW!

I'll be back with an update as soon as we have the test results.

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