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Vesternet Joins the EnOcean Alliance

As the home automation market grows new technologies emerge that bring new benefits to the market. EnOcean isn't a new technology, it's been around for around 12 years - mainly focused on commercial buildings. But they are now focusing on domestic smart homes and have a wide range of products available from a number of key electrical manufacturers such as Honeywell, MK Electric, Pressac, Tro2Sys, Ex-Or and many more.

One of the great things about EnOcean is their 'Energy Harvesting' technology - all their wireless switches are battery-less. You can literally place them anywhere and use them forever, never needing to change batteries or maintain them. The same technology is also available in motion and door sensors - using tiny solar cells to power the sensors.

Over the coming months we'll be adding a lot of EnOcean products to Vesternet, we see this as having a great future as they expand their products from the commercial space into the smart home environment.

For this reason, we've joined the EnOcean Alliance so we can be right at the heart of this innovative technology - just like we have been with Z-Wave.

More news on EnOcean coming shortly...


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