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Website Updates - New Product Pages

You may have been wondering why we've been quiet on the blog for the past few weeks - the reason is, we've been incredibly busy introducing improvements to the website. All designed to give you the information you need in a concise easy to read format.

The biggest change is in the product pages, where we've streamlined all the information and made the top 'Overview' area much larger.

1. Information Icons

We've added a number of icons to help you understand how easy the product is to install, use and if it needs a 3-wire (neutral) circuit.


    • Installation Difficulty - how easy (1) or difficult (5) the device is to install, more information is at - Installation Difficulty



2. Videos

All product related videos are now easily found in the page's top section - these are our Youtube and the new Vesternet Vine videos showing first glimpse information of the products

3. Information Tabs

We've added a number of new tabs to each product page, This means we can add a lot of information about the product, without overcrowding your view of the page. The tabs now include - product description, technical information, manuals and guides, customer reviews and a tab for you to ask questions directly about that product.

As I said, the aim of all these changes is to make using the Vesternet site easier and faster for you. We've also improved the Cart section - see my next blog.


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