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Z-Wave is going global

Z-Wave moves into the Japanese market

In what could be a huge move for Z-Wave technology, Sigma Designs, a leading System-on-Chip Company, mentioned that Japan's Ministry of Telecommunications has given the thumbs-up to a frequency range for low-powered RF device usage. This means that these devices can be used without any radio station licensing.

Z-Wave moves into the Brazilian market

Much the same as Japan, the Z-Wave alliance announced the sanction of the frequency band in Brazil. It is once again believed that as the largest country in South America items with the Z-Wave technology will now be mass marketed.

Jean Pascal De Simone was installed as the leader of the Z-Wave alliance for Brazil and Latin America, and he was the one to bring the first Z-Wave devices to Brazil at a time when this technology had not even been heard about. As a man with 20 years of experience in this field, it is believed he is the ideal man to take things forward.

Sigma Designs held an introduction to this technology at the Predial Tec 2012 Expo in Sao Paolo, Brazil in early August. The event had hundreds of registrations and eventually there were no more spaces. It was packed full of those interested in obtaining the technology and finding out more about how it has been successful in America. Due to this rather unexpected flurry, many are now predicting that home automation products with Z-Wave technology will also end up being one of the biggest new markets in South America in the next decade.

It is no surprise that this market is becoming a success story. As sales continue to increase in the UK and America, it was only a matter of time before international markets picked up on the increase, and once that happened it was only natural that a domino like effect occurred.

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