Z-Wave Plus Devices Available

Z-Wave PlusOver the last few weeks you may have noticed some Z-Wave Plus devices being added to the site.

We first spoke about Z-Wave Plus Certification back in January. At the time Z-Wave Plus was a new program and I predicted that new certified devices would be available towards the end of the year - looks like I was about right!

Z-Wave Plus

Z-Wave Plus is a certification program designed to help consumers identify products that take advantage of the recently introduced 'Next Gen' Z-Wave hardware platform, also know as 500 Series, 5th Generation Z-Wave for Gen5.

Z-Wave Plus delivers extended capabilities, including increased range, extended battery life, Over The Air upgrading (OTA), additional RF channels and more - all of which are fully backwards compatible with existing Z-Wave products. These enhancements offer tremendous benefits in terms of shorter and easier installations, richer device profiles, improved self-healing and longer battery life.

With the new Z-Wave Plus certification program, the Z-Wave Alliance have introduced a new logo so that you can quickly identify Z-Wave Plus certified products and know that they incorporates the enhanced capabilities of the Next Gen, Z-Wave 500 series. All Vesternet Z-Wave Plus certified devices display this logo on their product pages.

Z-Wave Plus Features

  • Significant increased range - up to 150m (clear air)
  • 50% improvement in battery life
  • 250% more bandwidth
  • Three F channels for improved noise immunity and higher bandwidth
  • New Plug-n-Play Network-wide Inclusion feature
  • Improved self-healing and fault tolerance with Explorer Frame feature
  • Standardised method for Over the Air firmware updates (OTA)
  • Improved product information capture for product certification database

We've just written a guide to Z-Wave Plus, explaining it's capabilities and also what to expect when you use it in a new or existing system - What is Z-Wave Plus?

What's Available

The new devices started to first appear from Aeon, and now new devices are being released each week - the latest coming from Z-Wave.me and VERA.

VERA Edge Controller

New controller from VERA, replaces VERA Lite and VERA3 - and the only Z-Wave Plus compatible gateway controller available today.

Aeon Siren

Great Z-Wave Plus siren that plugs into a wall socket (Schuko only), it has a loud 106db siren with five selectable.

Aeon Heavy Duty Switch

This is a heavy weight switch capable of switching 40A and it's the only double pole Z-Wave switch available - ideal for loads such as immersion heaters.

Aeon Smart Energy Switch 3

Small, Z-Wave Plus capable wall plug.

Z-Wave.me USB Stick

The smallest Z-Wave USB controller available today and fully Z-Wave Plus certified.

Z-Wave.me RaZberry Module

The popular RaZberry module that enables Raspberry PI boards to work with Z-Wave devices now supports Z-Wave Plus

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See you soon


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