ZigBee - 10 Years of The Internet of Things

ZigBee LogoThe ZigBee Alliance is celebrating its first decade of success in delivering reliable wireless technology that is now used in millions of homes and businesses worldwide. The ZigBee Alliance is a thriving ecosystem of 400+ companies helping to shape the future of home automation and smart energy.

ZigBee wireless technology is reliable, low-cost and low-power. These attributes have put it at the heart of the ‘Internet of Things’, where lights, thermostats, alarms, fridges, doors, appliances, utility meters - all are being ZigBee enabled.

At Vesternet, we were one of the first companies to offer ZigBee products specifically designed for the home automation market; easy to install and easy to use.

Take a look at our expanding range of ZigBee products that enable you to build your own 'Internet of Things'.

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