Zipato - Available at Vesternet

Zipato, the all in one home automation system, is available at Vesternet.

Zipato is the next generation home automation solution, providing complete control of your home's lighting, heating, energy and security systems. You can remotely control any aspect of your home automation system with Zipato always keeping you informed of anything happening at home.

The system is centred around the Zipabox central controller that allows you to easily control your home automation devices and gives you access to your network remotely via the Internet.

Technology Independent

The great thing about Zipato is that it's not limited to just one technology. Out of the box it supports Z-Wave, this can then be expanded using add-on modules to include other home automation technologies. Currently this is limited to ZigBee, but more are being worked on and expected later during 2013.

Creating Rules and Scenes is Easy

This is an area where Zipato excels. It features the a set of online graphical tools, called the Rule Creator. These enable anyone to create rules and scenes for their network. No programming or other technical experience is required. It also features a lot of integrated device support which makes it very easy to add and configure new devices to your network.

Well Featured New Comer

Zipato is a new comer to the Home Automation market, but with the range of features and its easy User Interface make it an ideal platform to base your Z-Wave network on.

For more information, take a look at the Zipato and Zipabox pages.

Zipabox will be in stock beginning of next week (4th March). If you can't wait and would like to reserve one before then, send us an email at

See you next week.


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